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71301 Ketar Creature of Stone
Small Set
Set number 71301
Subtheme Elemental Creatures
Release date January 2016
Pieces 80
MSRP $9.99 (US)
Ages 6-12

Set 71301 Ketar Creature of Stone is a small set released in early 2016 portraying Ketar, the Elemental Creature of Stone.

Product Description

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Claws out against the shadow trap in an epic cliff-top battle!
On the island’s barren landscapes, a deadly trap lies in the shadows ready to pounce! Use the crystal claw blades to destroy the shadow trap, and push it over the edge of the towering cliffs. Forge a mystical link with the heroic Toa, who has been sent to Okoto to rescue the islanders!

*Ketar Creature of Stone features crystal-like claw blades, unity piece to attach Toa, creature mask and posable joints.
*Also includes a shadow trap.
*Sturdy design for intense action play!
*Stands over 3” (9cm) tall
*Combine with 71306 Pohatu Uniter of Stone in one click, using the unity piece.
*Elemental creatures also unite with other Toa to create new types of powers!

Set Information

The set contains 80 pieces and includes a Shadow Trap.

The model can be attached to the back of 71306 Pohatu Uniter of Stone to create a "powered-up" version of Pohatu.


Ketar's stinger can be moved left or right to swing its Crystal Claw Blades.


The set comes with a Creature Mask of Stone and a Stone Shadow Trap.