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The world of BIONICLE is populated by mighty heroes with awesome powers, sinister villains seeking to destroy them, and fantastical creatures across a wide variety of landscapes. BIONICLEsector01 is dedicated to recording the facts and histories of these characters, and the universe they reside in. This Lore page classifies the various aspects of the BIONICLE story into an encyclopedia where readers may learn and explore the story-based elements of the BIONICLE theme. The BIONICLE theme has two distinct continuities, known as "Generation 1" and "Generation 2", and it is noted where each has a separate page.


The Characters that appear in BIONICLE belong to numerous species and each have their own unique attributes and powers. Click the Characters link for a complete list, or continue for further types. For characters that appeared in the second generation, see: Characters (Generation 2)

Sapient Species

The primary characters of the story all belong to various species with distinct cultures. Species with the ability to think and exhibit moral judgment are known as Sapient Species, and while many have been named, there remain characters whose species is unknown.


Animals are also a large part of the BIONICLE story, and these fauna are divided into two main categories: Rahi, the biomechanical beasts that originally served as antagonists during the story's first year, and Creatures, organic animals that appeared sporadically during the story and gained prominence in its final years.

For fauna seen in the second generation, see: Okoto#Wildlife.


The BIONICLE story originally takes place on a tropical island setting, but moves through a number of biomes across what comes to be known as the "Matoran Universe" and beyond. These islands (and eventually planets) are detailed on the Locations page.

For minor locations, see: Locations/Other Locations

Alternate Locations

Some characters eventually gain access to multiversal abilities, leading to travels through alternate universes and timelines, which are detailed on Locations/Alternate Locations.


The second generation of BIONICLE is confined to a single island location known as Okoto, though there are numerous elemental regions that are explored.


Most characters in the BIONICLE storyline possess supernatural Powers, such as the ability to project fire or water from their hands and tool. Originally divided around six core elements (Fire, Water, Air, Stone, Earth, and Ice), the story grew to encompass many fantastical and science-fiction abilities like laser beams and telekinesis.

The Generation 2 story refocused around the original six core elements (replacing Air with Jungle); for more information, see: Elements (Generation 2)


Though many BIONICLE characters have access to mystical powers, technology is also heavily present throughout the story, from simple tools and weapons to complex forms of transportation and robots.

Objects and Tools

There are numerous different artefacts in the BIONICLE universe for a variety of purposes, such as the powerful Kanohi masks worn by some species. Many characters also carry specialized tools as means of offense and defense. For a comprehensive list, see: Objects (Generation 1) and Gallery:Tools. For objects and tools used in BIONICLE's second generation, see: Objects (Generation 2).


In order to achieve transportation, many Vehicles are seen in the story, ranging from basic wagons to larger transit infrastructure.


While most characters in the story are biomechanical - a combination of organic and mechanical parts - there are some that are purely mechanical with no biological components. For a list of characters and inventions with that classification, see: Category:Robots.


The numerous species and factions in the Matoran Universe have diverse cultural norms, including things like rituals and mythologies. These aspects are collected on the Society page. For the cultural pieces present in the second generation, see: Society (Generation 2).


In BIONICLE's first generation, the main characters are known to speak a distinct language, and the primary one has a written alphabet.


Each setting in the BIONICLE storyline is home to distinct locales, and features a wide range of other attributes that are not as readily classified.


The BIONICLE universe is populated by a variety of plants as part of its natural environment; due to the mystical nature of the story, some of these plants are even sentient. These can be viewed on the Flora page.


In addition to the elemental forces that impact the BIONICLE universe, there are also numerous Substances that the characters use, both artificial and naturally occurring.