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Type Magazine
Years released 2016

The BIONICLE Magazine is a three-issue magazine series created by LEGO to promote BIONICLE's reboot.


The BIONICLE magazine was first teased at the end of the May issue of the Ninjago[citation needed] magazine released in German territories, set for release at the beginning of June.[1] The magazine's first issue was published in France[2] and Italy by distributor Panini Comics on June 23rd, 2016, and on July 6th, 2016 in the United Kingdom by publisher Immediate Media.[3]

The second issue was first released in Polish territories in September 2016[citation needed], while the UK version was released at the end of October.[4]

A third issue, combining contents of the two preceding issues was also released in the UK.[5]


The magazines contain the comic pages of the graphic novel BIONICLE 1: Gathering of the Toa, split over both issues. The first issue also contains several activities such as pull-out posters and puzzles, and advertises giveaways. The first two issues each came packaged with a small polybag BIONICLE set; issue 1's set is known as 601601 Skull Scorpion, while the second issue came with 601602 Ekimu's Hawk. The third issue included both sets.



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