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"By the time the two Toa heard the sound of a Barraki launcher being fired, it was too late. A slime-covered sea squid slammed into Kongu and latched itself onto his back with its tentacles."
— Narrator, Prisoners of the Pit

Squid Launcher
Manufacturer Barraki Kalmah
Users Barraki (formerly)
Enlarged Gadunka (formerly)
Nocturn (formerly)
Karzahni (formerly)
Various Rahi
Function Launch Sea Squid
Status In use

Squid Launchers, also known as the Squid Shooters,[1] are launchers which were used by the Barraki to shoot the vampiric Sea Squid.


Barraki Kalmah, after discovering the life draining ability of the Sea Squid, constructed a simplistic launcher with which to fire them. He crafted many more, and each of the Barraki took to carrying around one as armament. Carapar chose to arm each of his Pit War Tortoises with two. The Barraki used their Squid Launchers to shoot the Squid at their prey, which then drained the target of its life force.

After the Barraki acquired the Ignika, they each decided that they could not trust each other with it, and so entrusted it to Ehlek's lieutenant, Nocturn, to guard. They also gave him a Squid Launcher, which he wielded with his tentacle-less hand.

Karzahni, after entering the Black Water, discovered a weapons cache with several Squid Launchers. He claimed one for himself, and also armed his fighting force of Manutri with some as well. When Karzahni was captured by the Order of Mata Nui, his Squid Launcher was confiscated.

A Squid Launcher in the comics

The Barraki, after losing the Kanohi Ignika, were also eventually re-captured by the Order of Mata Nui, which stripped them of their weapons.


The Squid Launchers were basic weapons, designed to give the Squids direction and speed. Squids were placed in the top section of the launcher, and a trigger mechanism was activated, hurling the Squid away with great force.

Example Usage

Kalmah used the launcher to shoot squid at Toa Mahri Jaller and Kongu, successfully striking them and draining them of some of their life force.


A set squid launcher being used

Set Information

Squid Launchers were included as soft plastic parts included in the Barraki sets, the Nocturn set, and the Karzahni set; as well as the Barraki Deepsea Patrol playset. Sea Squid can be placed into the front of the launcher, and then launched by pulling the Squid's tail back several centimeters, then releasing it.


The original design for the squid launcher worked exceedingly well, to the point where set designers had to replace it with an updated version with purposely hampered functionality, due to safety concerns.[2] This is likely the same model seen in several pieces of media such as the Barraki Platform Game, the Barraki bio animations, and certain shop displays.[3]