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8998 Toa Mata Nui
Large Set
Set number 8998
Subtheme Glatorian
Release date 2009
Pieces 366
MSRP $49.99 (US)
29.99 (UK)
99.00 (AUS)
Ages 8+

Set 8998 Toa Mata Nui is a large boxed set released in 2009, portraying a larger depiction of Mata Nui.

Product Description

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Hero from another world!
Exiled from his own universe, Mata Nui must fight to survive on the strange world of Bara Magna. A legendary hero, he is ready to battle for the freedom of the desert villages. This giant-sized version of Mata Nui features a special edition golden Mask of Life, shield, spiky Thornax launcher and the amazing sword he carries in the new BIONICLE movie coming Fall 2009!

*Features a special edition golden Mask of Life!
*Armed with a shield, spiky Thornax launcher and an amazing sword!
*Includes 2 Life Counter for the new BIONICLE battle game!
*Toa Mata Nui measures 13" (33cm) tall!

Set Information

The set includes 366 pieces.



The set contains a gold Kanohi Ignika.


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