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Pohatu Nuva
Medium Set
Set number 8568
Subtheme Toa Nuva
Release date September 2002[1][2]
Pieces 44
MSRP $7.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8568 Pohatu Nuva is a canister set released in fall 2002, portraying Toa Nuva Pohatu.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
The Power Lies Beneath!
When the Toa are exposed to the strange energies of protodermis, they are transformed into the mighty Toa Nuva! With new powers, new armor, and new tools, the Toa Nuva are fully prepared for any threat to their island home. But will the power of the Toa Nuva save Mata Nui... or shatter it forever?

Strength and speed combined!
Pohatu Nuva's awesome might and blazing speed make him one of the most powerful of the Toa Nuva! His climbing claws help him scale any peak, and can be combined to form his legendary Kodan ball. Turn the wheel on his back to move his mighty arms.

Set Information

The set packaging for 8568

The Pohatu Nuva set was released in September 2002 as one of the six Toa Nuva sets. The set consists of 44 pieces.

A promotional comic was included with at least some copies of the set.

By combining pieces from Pohatu Nuva with 8566 Onua Nuva and 8572 Tahu Nuva, one can build Akamai Nuva using instructions provided at the end of the manuals for the three sets. The set can also be combined with 8573 Nuhvok-Kal to create a Bohrok Monkey.

The set was included in the collection set K8572 Toa Nuva Collection.


Turning a gear in Pohatu Nuva's back causes him to swing his right leg in a kicking motion. His Climbing Claws can also be combined to form a Kodan Ball. The set could be configured with both legs connected to the gear system, or with one leg being locked in place. In the latter case, a left-over 3-length axle and small gear could be used to lock the gear function.

A loose ball joint piece is also included in the set, used for the Akamai Nuva model (though the model only requires two of the three found across the sets). The instructions show this piece alternatively used in place of an axle bushing on the back of Pohatu Nuva.

The set's canister was not given storyline role. Much like those of the Toa Mata sets, the canister lid could be used for displaying masks.


Pohatu Nuva wears a brown Kakama Nuva.



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