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Combiners and Alternate Models

2016 is the second and the final year of second-generation BIONICLE sets and the twelfth year of sets overall.


Magazine page advertising the unity feature

BIONICLE's reboot continued for a second and final year of two waves, with a similar release pattern. Five individual creature sets - known as Elemental Creatures - were released along with five Toa (three medium-size and two large-size sets), while the last Creature/Toa pair was released in a combined "Unity set". Each creature contained a Shadow Trap figure. Also released was the villain Umarak, who could unite with the Creature sets in the same way as the Toa.

The summer wave contained five sets; three villainous Elemental Beasts, an upgraded standalone version of Ekimu, and a new version of Umarak, called "the Destroyer". The beasts and Umarak could also be combined to make a non-canon combiner model.

Two promotional sets were also included as part of the BIONICLE Magazine series released in European territories; the first set possessed no storyline significance, while the latter featured heavily in the primary story medium of the year: BIONICLE: The Journey to One.

Additionally, a promotional set featuring an Ice Shadow Trap was originally planned, but this set was ultimately cancelled.[1][2]

As a part of The Makuta Challenge, specially packaged collections of 2015 and 2016 sets were released to the grand prize winners.

Featured Elements

2016 utilized the same building system as 2015 and featured many of the same armor pieces and elements, such as the pop-off collectible masks. New to the year was a redesigned torso which could rotate at the waist, a feature not previously seen in BIONICLE.

Utilizing design aspects evolved from the previous year[citation needed], the small sets could connect directly to the backs of the of the Toa via a "unity piece".

List of Sets




Summer Large Set
Umarak the Destroyer


Promotional Set
Accessory Pack

Magazine Gift Promotional Sets
Skull Scorpion
Ekimu's Hawk


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