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Medium Set
Set number 8565
Subtheme Bohrok
Release date Early 2002
Pieces 40
MSRP $7.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8565 Kohrak is a canister set released in early 2002, portraying a Kohrak.

Product Description

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The power of ice!
The Kohrak are the most cold-blooded of the Bohrok. They want to bring a new Ice Age to Mata Nui – and they have the power to do it! Their shields are capable of freezing anything and can even fire blasts of ice. Get in their way and you'll wind up in a block of ice!

Set Information

The set packaging

The Kohrak set was released in winter 2002 as one of the six Bohrok sets. The set consists of 40 pieces.

A promotional comic was included with at least some copies of the set.

By combining pieces from Kohrak with 8562 Gahlok and 8564 Lehvak, one can build a Bohrok Kaita using instructions provided at the end of the instruction manuals for the three sets. Kohrak can also be combined with 8561 Nuhvok to create a "Bohrok Fusion."

The set was included in 65110 Bohrok 3-Pack 2, 65128 Bohrok 3-Pack 4, K8563 Bohrok Swarm Kit, and K8564 Ultimate Bohrok Swarm Kit.


By pushing a button in Kohrak's back, its head will snap forward to attack. Doing this with the faceplate loose will also cause its krana to shoot forward. A rubber band causes its head to retract once the attack is over.

Kohrak can also be curled up into a ball. A piece included will clip onto Kohrak's lower back, and can be used to hang Kohrak from the lid of its canister when it is in its ball shape. The canister itself is modeled after an individual cell of the Bohrok Nests, and the hanging Kohrak represents the Bohrok's dormancy.


A medium blue rubber krana, randomly chosen from one of the eight types, was included in the set.


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