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70786 Gali – Master of Water
Set Gali Master of Water.JPG
Medium Set
Set number 70786
Subtheme Masters
Release date January 2015
Pieces 87
MSRP $14.99 (US)
£12.99 (UK)
Ages 7-14
70786 Instructions

Set 70786 Gali – Master of Water is a medium sized set released in early 2015. It is the first portrayal of Toa Gali in the reboot of BIONICLE.

Set History

Gali was revealed at New York Comic Con during the BIONICLE panel on October 9th, 2014, and released on January 1st, 2015 in the United States and in certain European territories.[citation needed] The set contains 87 pieces, including two Masks of Power and a Skull Spider.

The set's packaging features a comic in which Gali aids the Protector of Water and claims her Golden Mask of Power; a longer version of this comic is also present at the front of the set's instruction booklet. The comic advertises the feature of combining Gali with 70780 Protector of Water to create a "powered-up" Gali.


The set features one rotating arm that can be turned up or down by spinning a gear on Gali's back. In "adrenalin mode", Gali's Elemental Trident can be reconfigured into her Power Harpoon and her Shark Fins.

A Mask of Power or Skull Spider attached to Gali's face can be removed by pressing down on her eyestalk.


The set includes the Mask of Water, the Golden Mask of Water, and a silver Skull Spider.


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