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"Go! Makuta was clear. We will capture a creature by day's end."
Umarak to the Shadow Traps, Quest for Unity

Shadow Traps
Users Umarak (formerly)
Function Capture the Elemental Creatures
Status Active
Transformed into Elemental Beasts
Location Okoto

The Shadow Traps are living objects commanded by Umarak, the Hunter.


During his search for the great Elemental Creatures at the behest of Makuta, Umarak dispatched Shadow Traps to the six regions of Okoto. The six Toa also began a search for the creatures at the same time, and the Shadow Traps stalked them across the land.

Umarak eventually located Uxar, the Creature of Jungle, who had encountered Toa Lewa. With the assistance of the Shadow Traps, Umarak was able to bind the creature in shadows. Lewa was able to rescue Uxar, and the pair warned the other Toa of Umarak's attack. Umarak later attacked the six Toa in the Region of Jungle, using several Shadow Traps against the Toa and Elemental Creatures. He employed more Shadow Traps in the Labyrinth of Control to halt the Toa while he obtained the Mask of Control.

After being mutated into the Destroyer by the Mask of Control, Umarak used his newfound power to transform the Fire, Water, and Stone Traps into the Elemental Beasts.[1] Other traps also appeared among the minions of Makuta in the Shadow Realm.

Abilities and Traits

The Shadow Traps acted independently, though they could sense commands from Umarak wherever they were located. They could physically contain the Elemental Creatures with their snapping jaws. They were not highly intelligent, and their incompetence was at times aggravating to Umarak.

Seven different types of Shadow Traps exist; one for each region of Okoto, as well as one that Umarak could form from his armor. The Shadow Traps could also materialize from certain projectiles fired from Umarak's Bone Hunting Bow Shooter.


Type Jungle Traps Stone Traps Water Traps Fire Traps Earth Traps Ice Traps None
Region Region of Jungle Region of Stone Region of Water Region of Fire Region of Earth Region of Ice None

Set Information

A Shadow Trap appears in each of the five standalone Creature sets released in the first wave of 2016. Another Shadow Trap can be built from pieces taken from Umarak the Hunter. The main portion of the Shadow Trap consists of two identical jaw pieces connected by click hinges, with different types of eyes and legs attached. The Kopaka & Melum Unity set does not contain a Shadow Trap, so no Ice Shadow Trap exists in set form, although two of them appear on the background of the set box. A different build for the Ice Shadow Trap was depicted in Journey to One and was designed as a concept model for a polybag set, but this design was ultimately never released.[2]


  • All but the Fire Shadow Traps have red eyes.


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