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2015 was the first year of second-generation BIONICLE sets and the eleventh year of sets overall.


The "Power Up" feature

Five years after the cancellation of BIONICLE, an announcement was made at the 2014 New York Comic-Con that the series was returning. The new wave, which was to be released at the beginning of the year 2015, would follow a similar structure to first-generation BIONICLE waves, while also taking some influence from the Hero Factory line. A specially colored mask was also distributed at the same New York Comic-Con, called the "Transparent Tahu Mask" (the mask would later be officially identified as the Mask of Fire).

Though the new generation of BIONICLE was set in an entirely new continuity, the six Toa characters were designed and named after the original Toa Mata. Three of the new Toa sets were medium-sized, and three were large. An additional medium-sized set also depicted the primary villain of the wave, the Lord of Skull Spiders. Every Toa came with a golden version of their respective masks, as well as a Skull Spider; the Lord of Skull Spiders set included the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders instead of a Skull Spider. Six small sets, the Protectors, were also released.

The summer wave, first revealed at the London Toy Fair in 2015, debuted the Skull villains, utilizing the same motif as the villains of the winter wave. Each villain, mostly of the medium-sized variety, came with a skull-themed mask, though the wave also contained recolored versions of several of the Toa masks. The largest set, Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, contained a Protector-sized figure fighting against one of the Skull villains over the Mask of Creation, the first item revealed of the new wave.

A promotional BIONICLE "Hero Pack", made available as a free gift-with-purchase, was released in March (February in several regions) and contained a Skull Spider, sticker sheet, booklets, and a unique transparent-orange Mask of Fire.

Featured Elements

The BIONICLE reboot used pieces from the Creature Character Building System (CCBS), a ball-and-socket modular building system developed for BIONICLE's original successor, Hero Factory. Each Toa utilized gear features, as well as dual-function weapons and a new mask type that could be knocked off with a trigger. Many of these features were intended to echo designs used at the beginning of BIONICLE's first generation.

Each Protector bore a six-shot Elemental Blaster, and were advertised to help "power up" their respective Toa allies. All six came with one small Skull Spider each, which could be attached to the Protector's face like their mask.

After being absent from BIONICLE for many years, collectibles also made their return in 2015 in the form of masks. Though there were no randomized packs, each character included at least one mask, and unique variants of masks were made available through special events such as San Diego Comic-Con.

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