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"Like it? I am thinking of calling it a 'swamp strider'. Who knows, there may be some use for it someday."
Toa Helryx, Swamp of Secrets

Swamp Strider
Set Swamp Strider.PNG
Manufacturer Toa Helryx
Users Mazeka (formerly)
Function Transportation through swamp water
Status Destroyed
Set number 8954

The Swamp Strider was a vehicle designed by Toa Helryx and later given to Mazeka.


Over 100,000 years ago, Helryx crafted the vehicle and dubbed it the Swamp Strider.[1]

When Mazeka was in need of a vehicle, Helryx constructed a new model, and gave it to him. Mazeka used it to travel to Stelt, then Daxia, and then brought it to Karda Nui while searching for Vultraz. However, a portal opened up and sucked the two Matoran and the Strider in. Mazeka collided with a tree upon landing on an alternate Spherus Magna, forcing him to jump from the vehicle. The Swamp Strider was destroyed when it collided with the tree.[BIA]


The Swamp Strider possessed a heavily armed Midak Skyblaster, attached to a rotating turret. The vehicle had four razor-sharp legs, which were used for propulsion, and could also generate magnetic force to keep the vehicle above water.

Set Information

Mazeka and the Swamp Strider were included in the 2008 Wal*Mart exclusive set 8954 Mazeka. The vehicle accounts for 286 of the set's 301 pieces. The set's turret is capable of rotating 360°, and the platform of the turret can move diagonally up and down. The Swamp Strider set is armed with a launcher whose three cartridges hold the set's nine silver ammunition pieces.


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