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5002941 Hero Pack
5002941 Contents.jpg
Set number 5002941
Subtheme Gift With Purchase
Release date February 1, 2015 (UK) (EU)
March 1, 2015 (US)
Pieces 9
5002941 Instructions

Set 5002941 LEGO BIONICLE Hero Pack is a promotional polybag from BIONICLE's second generation.

Set Information

The Hero Pack was first officially revealed in European LEGO Shop calenders, released partway through January 2015. They were later confirmed for a North American release in the US shop calenders, for the month after.

The set is included as a "Gift With Purchase," a free promotional item included when someone purchases other items from a LEGO Store, either online or in-person.


The set contains nine total pieces; 6 of those are actual LEGO bricks, and the remaining three are a sticker sheet, a map poster, and a booklet.


The two set portions of the Hero Pack are both collectibles, a dark blue Skull Spider, and a transparent-orange Mask of Fire (exclusive to this set).


Critical Response

In a review for BZPower, news reporter Jason (xccj) praised the set for its value (as it came free with purchases) and singled out the exclusive element, the transparent orange Mask of Fire, as the main draw of the bag.

Community Response

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