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BIONICLE is a multimedia product theme sold by LEGO, one of the world's largest toy manufacturers. BIONICLEsector01 (BS01) primarily documents the fictional universe created to support the theme, as well as the products themselves. In order to comprehensively detail the transmedia Franchise surrounding BIONICLE, BS01 also has pages for other other aspects of the line, such real-life contributors, and fan communities that discuss the lore.


LEGO is the toy manufacturer that produced the BIONICLE theme, which was one of their most successful products. While BIONICLE was an original concept, LEGO also produces a number of building-block-based toys for other intellectual property as well, such as Disney and DC Comics.

One of LEGO's product lines is TECHNIC, which uses mechanically styled liftarms and axles in place of their traditional building blocks. BIONICLE (and its predecessors Slizer/Throwbots and Roboriders) originally debuted under the TECHNIC brand, before becoming a standalone theme.

For a list of real people (such as set designers and authors) who have contributed to the franchise, see: Professional Contributors to BIONICLE.

BS01 also has a page for Hero Factory, the theme marketed as a spiritual successor to BIONICLE. In addition, the wiki has a sub-site, HEROsector01 (HS01), a wiki dedicated to recording the story and products of Hero Factory in the same way BS01 does for BIONICLE.


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The Proto-Squad was an exclusive BIONICLE product-testing program run by the LEGO Group in the United States from 2002 to 2005.

Store Events

LEGO often hosted hosted special events at participating retail stores, as well as in their own LEGO brand stores. Below is a list of known events:

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BIONICLE has had a presence at several large conventions, both in the U.S. and other countries. Below is a list of official conventions BIONICLE has appeared at, and a description of their booths and marketing:

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LEGO-based theme park LEGOLAND has had several BIONICLE attractions since the line's debut.

BIONICLE references in LEGO Products

BIONICLE has been referenced in various LEGO media and sets since its conception.

During 2010, the Kanohi Olmak appeared in an online game promoting the LEGO Atlantis theme as one of the pieces of undersea treasure the player could discover.

In 2011, a Guurahk appeared in a LEGO Club stop-motion music video titled Black Eye Piece.[1]

In The Lego Movie, released in 2014, BIONICLE briefly appeared as one of the many realms.

The 2018 LEGO set 70657 NINJAGO City Docks contains two stickers: a map of Mata Nui from BIONICLE's first generation, and a poster-like sticker featuring the Mask of Ultimate Power from the second generation.

A tile in the 2019 set Hidden Side 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 references the cancelled BIONICLE PC game The Legend of Mata Nui (which has since been discovered and restored in a fan project) in the bus' front dashboard. Additionally, Takanuva was at one point considered for appearing in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, appearing in storyboards, concept art, and prototype sets. However, he was ultimately not part of the finalized movie or sets.

In 2020 another Hidden Side set 70436 Phantom Fire Truck 3000 references Toa Mata Tahu as a sticker on the tile from the side of the fire truck. The LEGO City set 60262 Passenger Airplane contained two stickers referencing BIONICLE, one showing an image of the island of Voya Nui inside the plane's dashboard and the other having the island's initials featured in the "departures" section of the side build.

In 2021 the instructions for LEGO Creator set 10281 Bonsai Tree included a section for inspirational decorations, one of which was utilizing Kanohi masks (specifically Kakama and Kakama Nuva) for foliage. Additionally, the stunt driver Raze included in the City Stuntz set 60296 Wheelie Stunt Bike featured the Three Virtues symbol on her back, while the Harry Potter set 76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets has a Kanohi Hau referenced on a tile in the astronomers tower. The 2022 Monkie Kid set 80036 The City of Lanterns featured a Bohrok symbol sticker on a sign.

The 2022 LEGO Icons set 10497 Galaxy Explorer featured a compturer screen print showing the astronauts finding a Toa Canister.

In 2023, LEGO Friends set 41755 Nova's Room featured stickers representing computer screens with a game with BIONICLE characters. A sticker in the Indiana Jones set 77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb features a Kanohi Kaukau as a carving on the temple's wall. The NINJAGO set 71799 NINJAGO City Markets features a Racer Seven figure with a Kanohi Hau torso print. Several Tuma models appear in the Disney+ series LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red.

Third-Party BIONICLE Promotions

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LEGO has partnered with other brands to use BIONICLE products as promotion. These products have included actual buildable LEGO sets, as well as other plastic toys and items.




BIONICLE in other Media

BIONICLE has been referenced or appeared in popular culture, such as television shows and movies. Below is a list of these references - these media have varying ratings, and some may include content intended for ages over 13.

Media Date Media Type Description Reference
The King of Queens, season 4, episode 4 October 15th, 2001 Television show Various BIONICLE sets are seen in a store. [2]
The Spectre Vol. 4 #10 December 2001 Comic book Carvings of the Toa Mata are seen in the background. [3]
Malcolm in the Middle, season 3, episode 7: "Christmas" December 16, 2001 Television show A canister of Onua Mata can be seen among Christmas presents. [4]
Even Stevens, season 2, episode 22: "Gutter Queen" February 15, 2002 Television show Tahu Mata, Lewa Mata, and Kopaka Mata can be seen. [5]
Friends, season 8, episode 12: "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel" January 10, 2002 Television show Wairuha is seen in Joey's kitchen. [6]
That's So Raven Unknown Television show Several Toa Canisters appeared behind Corey. [citation needed]
Spy Kids 2 August 7, 2002 Movie One of the movies had some sets appear in the background. [citation needed]
Maid in Manhattan December 13, 2002 Movie Kopaka and Lehvak appear in a scene where they are played with. [citation needed]
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Unknown Television show Cookie's glasses uses a BIONICLE piece to hold an extra lens. [citation needed]
Malcolm in the Middle, season 4, episode 10: "If Boys Were Girls" February 9, 2003 Television show Tahu Mata and Gali Mata were used in a toy fight against each other. [7]
Maximum Ride Unknown Book A room filled with LEGO and BIONICLE is mentioned. [citation needed]
The Simpsons season 15, episode 17: "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" April 18, 2004 Television show A convention booth has a sign with the word "BIONICLE" on it. [8]
Zathura November 11, 2005 Film Nidhiki and Krekka sets appear in the background. [9]
Johnny Test season 1, episode 7: "Johnny and the Mega Roboticles" November 12, 2005 Television show A toyline called Roboticles is a parody of BIONICLE. [10]
Artificial Soldier June 20, 2006 Music album The album art features BIONICLE pieces. [citation needed]
Through the Woods Unknown Video game A journal found in-game contains a page that mentions BIONICLE as a belonging to a child.
Ultimate Spider-Man issue #92 March 29, 2006 Comic book Spider-man refers to knocked out enemies as "Bionicles". [11]
Thor: Reign of Blood, issue #1 June 25, 2008 Comic book The Blood Colossus resembles Maxilos and Spinax, with the body belonging to Maxilos and the head and spines belonging to Spinax. [12]
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2, episode 20: "To the Lighthouse" March 27, 2009 Television show Multiple 2009 sets appear. [13]
Suburgatory season 3, episode 2: "Victor Ha" January 22, 2014 Television show Set 7135 Takanuva appears. [14]
The LEGO Movie February 1, 2014 Film An image of the Toa Mata appears while the characters are discussing other worlds. [15]
Clangers, season 1, episode 20: "Small's New Star" July 28, 2015 Television show Two Feet Addition pieces can be seen in a pile of parts. [16]
Astro City (2013) issue 34: "The End of the Whole Mess" April 20, 2016 Comic book Characters wear armor heavily inspired by BIONICLE parts. [17]
The LEGO Batman Movie February 10, 2017 Film A movie theatre marquee depicts a film titled "The Bionicle Man" [18]
Sonic the Hedgehog #8 August 16, 2018 Comic book The character Whisper was partially inspired by Kopaka [19].
Marriage Story December 9, 2019 Film Skull Basher appears in the movie. [20]
Robot Chicken season 11, episode 8 September 17, 2021 Television show Set 6934 Good Guy is hidden in the background of one of the sketches [21]
M.O.D.O.K. (TV_series) May 21, 2021 Television show A Toa Nuva leg can been seen in episode 9. [22]


BS01 has a dedicated category for pages that exist outside of the direct products of BIONICLE. These can be found in Category:Meta. One notable page is Meta:Fan Community, compiling a list of notable fan pages and communities that have been influenced by (and in turn, been able to influence) the BIONICLE line. Meta pages also exist for important BIONICLE characters and concepts, such as Meta:Tahu, which contain behind-the-scenes details and other information that does not directly pertain to the story itself.