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"Millennia ago, as the island of Okoto came into existence, a number of mythical beings were born with it. Created from the Elements that make up the fabric of the world, the six creatures incarnate the very soul and life force of Okoto."
— Narrator, BIONICLE.com

Elemental CreaturesCreatures Symbol White.svg
Omen of the Creatures.png
Six of the seven Elemental Creatures
Headquarters Okoto
Goals Protect the Mask of Control from Umarak (formerly)
Defend Okoto
Allies Toa
Enemies Umarak
Shadow Traps (Elemental Beasts) (all formerly)
Status Active

The Elemental Creatures are ancient beings tied to the elemental forces of the island of Okoto.


The Elemental Creatures were born as Okoto itself came into being, born from the Elements that make up the island. The shadows of Okoto responded by giving rise to Umarak, a deadly hunter whose sole purpose was to capture them.[1]

The Okotans knew of the Elemental Creatures before the time of Ekimu and his brother Makuta, having named the six regions after them, and made carvings of them. The Creatures, immortal and wise, foresaw a coming cataclysm that they were unable to prevent, but acted in order to prepare for its aftermath. All six Elemental Creatures appeared to Ekimu during the Festival of Masks, an omen that prompted him to don the Mask of Time in order to learn what the future might hold. After learning of the Toa and that they would need Golden Masks of Power, Ekimu received an Elemental Crystal from Uxar and sent the ancient Protectors to obtain crystals from the other creatures.

After the Mask of Control was lost, the Elemental Creatures took it upon themselves to hide it in the Labyrinth of Control. Thousands of years later, Harvali discovered carvings underneath the City of the Mask Makers depicting the Elemental Creatures and their appearance at the Festival of Masks.[2]

After receiving new masks and armor from Ekimu, the Toa received visions of the Elemental Creatures and set out to find them and their temples in the various regions. After encountering the Creatures, the Toa learned that they were meant to work as equals, which enabled them to obtain their Golden Masks of Unity and merge with the Creatures to gain added abilities. They then set out to find the Labyrinth and recover the Mask of Control so it could be destroyed, but were pursued by Umarak, who captured Ketar and stole the Mask of Control. Pohatu was able to rescue his Creature, and the Toa became determined to stop Umarak and Makuta.

The Creatures and Toa soon returned to the City of the Mask Makers, which soon came under attack from the mutated Umarak's Elemental Beasts. The Creatures worked with the Toa to defend the city, and despite a hard struggle managed to defeat the first wave of Umarak's minions. Ekimu then informed the Toa of the need to search out Umarak and prevent him from freeing Makuta, which required the Toa to leave the Elemental Creatures behind. The six creatures joined forces with the Okotans to battle the Shadow Horde until Makuta's resurgence was thwarted, while the Toa and Ekimu were joined by Agil, the Creature of Light.

Known Members

Set Information

The Elemental Creatures were released in the Winter 2016 wave of sets. Each Elemental Creature set comes with a Shadow Trap and is capable of combining with one of the 2016 Toa sets or with Umarak. Melum, the Creature of Ice, was released along with Kopaka in the Kopaka and Melum - Unity set without a Shadow Trap. Agil, the seventh creature, was released as a BIONICLE Magazine Polybag.


  • According to the ancient carvings under the City of the Mask Makers, each creature is a dragon-like version of an existing animal.[3]


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