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8557 Exo-Toa
Set Exo-Toa.jpg
Large Set
Set number 8557
Subtheme Toa Nuva[1]
Release date Mid-2002
Pieces 378[citation needed]
MSRP $34.99 (US)
Ages 9+
8557 Instructions

Set 8557 Exo-Toa is a large boxed set released in mid-2002, portraying the Exo-Toa.

Set Information

The Exo-Toa set contains 378 pieces, and was first released in the third quarter of 2002, during the second wave of the Bohrok Invasion sets.

An alternate model for the set also exists, depicting a raptor-like steed.


8534 Tahu in the Exo-Toa

Both of the arms of the Exo-Toa possess a unique function. The left arm contains a "blunt shooter", a spring-loaded Technic projectile launcher which fires a rubber-tipped ammunition piece. The right arm is a punching claw, which extends when the forearm is pressed down and retracts due to attached rubber bands.

One of the Exo-Toa's primary designs is to combine with the Toa Mata sets from 2001. The chest portion of the Exo-Toa opens when an orange tab is depressed, the head construct retracts when a gear on either side is turned, and the two thigh pieces flip down to create footholds. A Toa set is then placed into the Exo-Toa, and the chest piece flips back up, securing the Toa in place.

8557 advertises 8534 Tahu, as well as 8572 Tahu Nuva, as connecting with it, though the latter requires modifications before it can be included.


Critical Response

The Exo-Toa received a positive review from BZPower. Then-admin and co-owner Kelly McKiernan (later the webmaster for and praised the set for its overall look and enjoyable build, though he noted there was a confusing part of the instructions that caused an element to stick out. The playability was lauded, being able to function as a set by itself as well as combining with other sets.

Community Response

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  • The Toa Mata forms of Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa could fit properly in the Exo-Toa, although Pohatu and Onua could only fit with alterations. The Toa Nuva version of Onua could fit properly, although Pohatu Nuva still needed alterations.


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