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8556 Boxor
8556 Boxor.jpg
Large Set
Set number 8556
Subtheme Matoran[1]
Release date Mid-2002
Pieces 157
MSRP $14.99 (US)
Ages 8+
8556 Instructions

Set 8556 Boxor is a large boxed set released in mid-2002, portraying a Boxor, piloted by Nuparu as he appeared after being diminished by a Matoran Sphere.

Product Description

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Defend Mata Nui with the Boxor!
The Matoran have made an amazing discovery – the Bohrok are not truly alive, but are mechanical creations! Using parts from fallen Bohrok, they have built mighty defense vehicles called Boxor. But can even the Boxor stand up to the swarms? Push down on the Boxor to strike with either or both arms! Includes a Matoran.

Set Information

The Boxor set contains 157 pieces, and was first released in the third quarter of 2002, during the second wave of the Bohrok Invasion sets.

An alternate model for the set also exists, depicting a differently designed vehicle.


Pushing down on the Boxor causes its arms to punch forward. Which arm punches depends on which side receives the brunt of the pressure.

The set also includes Nuparu, an Onu-Matoran and the inventor of the vehicle, as a pilot. Like the "Tohunga" sets released the previous year, Nuparu's arms can be pulled back and released, making them shoot back forward. Nuparu is capable of throwing a disk in this fashion, but no disk was included in the set. Any Matoran set of the 2001-2002 design can be seated in the Boxor.


Nuparu wears an orange Pakari.


8556 Boxor scored an 80 on Brick Insights, indicating generally positive reviews. Writing for BZPower, co-owner Jon lauded the set for its "brilliant mechanical design" and the set's overall value for its price point.


The instructions and box art depict Nuparu as having two "disk thrower" arms. A normal Matoran arm is included in the set, but it is used in the construction of the vehicle. Since the disk thrower arm is designed only as a right arm, but is also used for Nuparu's left arm, it is upside-down and unsuitable for holding a disk.

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