Elemental Beasts

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"Excellent. The endgame has begun... but first, you must raise an army of shadows."
Makuta to Umarak, Destroyer's Game

Shadow Horde
Headquarters The Shadow Realm
Leader Umarak (formerly)
Goals Defeat the Toa (failed)
Enemies Toa
Status Defeated

The Elemental Beasts, also known as the Shadow Horde and the Beasts of Corruption, are Shadow Traps created by Umarak and transformed into an army of powerful monsters.


In order to distract the Toa from his plans, Makuta ordered his new servant, Umarak the Destroyer, to summon the 'Shadow Horde' from the elements of Okoto and his Shadow Traps, and employed them to attack the City of the Mask Makers. With the Toa preoccupied by the attack, Umarak would be free to search the island for the scattered fragments of the Mask of Ultimate Power. The Elemental Beasts thus attacked the city and proved difficult foes for the Toa due to their ability to reform after being defeated, even seizing Tahu's mask briefly. However, after retrieving Tahu's Mask, the Toa deduced how the beasts could be defeated permanently: destroying their Beast Masks of Corruption will prevent the Beasts from reforming. With this in mind, the Toa fought back against the Beasts, meticulously destroying their Masks and preventing the horde from regenerating; they managed to defeat the first wave before turning the task over to the Okotans and the Elemental Creatures as they set out with Ekimu to stop Umarak from freeing Makuta from the Shadow Realm. The city survived the assault.

More Elemental Beasts were summoned by Umarak to attack the Toa and Ekimu as they pursued him through the Region of Stone to the Black Crater, while others appeared in the Shadow Realm among Makuta's minions.

Abilities and Traits

Each Elemental Beast type wields an elemental power. Quake Beasts can control Stone forming boulders to roll or throw at their enemies.[1] Lava Beasts can control and create fire and lava, projecting it as attacks or forming constructs, as seen when a trio of Lava Beasts attempted to form bridges made of lava to enter the City of the Mask Makers. Storm Beasts can create and control water and the wind to create miniature cyclones, and can summon lightning from the sky.

The Elemental Beasts each rely on natural tools such as claws, teeth and horns to fight; however, each breed comes with distinctive weapons to set them apart from the other breeds. Each beast wears a Beast Mask of Corruption, which will allow a beast to reform after a defeat, but only so long as the mask remains intact.

Known Beasts


"Good... but first you must raise the Shadow Horde!"
— Makuta to Umarak, Destroyers' Game

"Beasts of all the elements, rise!"
— Umarak, The Dark Portal

Set Information

71313 Lava Beast, 71314 Storm Beast, and 71315 Quake Beast were released in the summer wave of 2016. Each Elemental Beast set comes with a Beast Mask of Corruption and a corrupted Mask of Unity.


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