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8558 Cahdok & Gahdok
8558 Cahdok and Gahdok.jpg
Large Set
Set number 8558
Subtheme Bohrok[1]
Release date Mid-2002
Pieces 630
MSRP $59.99 (US)
Ages 9+
8558 Instructions

Set 8558 Cahdok & Gahdok is a large boxed set released in mid-2002, portraying the Bahrag, Cahdok and Gahdok.

Product Description

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Powerful rulers of the Bohrok!
The Bahrag twins lurk beneath the surface of Mata Nui, protecting the secrets of the Bohrok swarms. If their snapping jaws were not enough, they also possess great mental abilities and the elemental powers possessed by all of the Bohrok. The Toa have never faced an opponent like this! Press the lever to make them bite, or strike them in their one vulnerable spot to disable their attack. Includes both Cahdok and Gahdok.

Set Information

The Cahdok & Gahdok set contains 630 pieces, and was first released in the third quarter of 2002, during the second wave of the Bohrok Invasion sets.

An alternate model for the set also exists, depicting a four-legged beast.


Pulling a trigger in either Cahdok or Gahdok's torsos causes them to lunge their heads forward and snap their jaws. A portion of their chests are attached to a pin that, if removed, prevents the Bahrag from attacking, as if incapacitated.


8558 Cahdok & Gahdok Va scored a total of 83 on Brick Insights, indicating generally positive reviews. BZPower co-owner Jon was critical of the repetition between the two included models, but ultimately praised the play value and action features, particularly the snapping jaws.


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