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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 2

Objects (Generation 2)

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Art Golden Mask of Fire.jpg Objects





  • Battle Axes - Lewa's weapon which could combine into his X-Glider.
  • Dagger - Weapon wielded by Pohatu.
  • Earthquake Hammer - Onua's former main weapon, which could split into his Turbo Shovelers.
  • Elemental Trident - Gali's former weapon, which split into her Shark Fins and Power Harpoon.
  • Frost Shield - Kopaka's former defensive tool which could split into skis.
  • Fire Blades - Tahu's former large swords that could combine into a surfboard.
  • Ice Spear - Kopaka's former offensive tool.
  • Golden Swords - Smaller swords wielded by Tahu.
  • Stormerangs - Pohatu's former weapons of choice, which could attach to his feet as Jetarangs.




Mask Makers

  • Crystal Hammer - Ekimu's briefly transformed hammer.
  • Crystal Saw Shield - Ekimu's briefly transformed shield.
  • Elemental Crystals - Crystals used by the Mask Makers to infuse Masks of Power with the elements.
  • Hammer of Power - Ekimu's primary weapon.
  • Makuta's Hammer - Makuta's former tool and weapon, similar to the Hammer of Power.
  • Makuta's Staff - A staff with a spinning bladed head wielded by Makuta in the Shadow Realm.
  • Saw Shield - Ekimu's secondary weapon.
  • Twin blades - Wrist-mounted blades wielded by Makuta in the Shadow Realm.
  • Back blades - A pair of axe-like blades mounted on Makuta's back in the Shadow Realm


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