Spear of Fusion

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"A bolt of energy shot from the point of the spear, striking Vezok. Startled, Hakann dropped the weapon. Vezok screamed. His body felt like it was being torn in two, reassembled, and then ripped apart again. He fell to the floor in agony."
— Narrator, Legacy of Evil

Spear of Fusion
Comic Spear of Fusion.png
Manufacturer Artakha[1]
Users A Dark Hunter (formerly)
Hakann (formerly)
Vezon (formerly)
Function Merging or splitting beings
Status Incinerated

The Spear of Fusion was a tool with the power to merge beings together or split them apart.


Hakann using the Spear of Fusion

The Spear of Fusion was created by Artakha.[1] It was then stolen by the Dark Hunters.[2]

A Dark Hunter once demonstrated the Spear of Fusion's abilities on two Toa and fused them together to create Prototype.[3]

The Dark Hunters eventually sold the Spear of Fusion to the Brotherhood of Makuta.[2] It ended up in the hands of Makuta Teridax, who kept it stored in an armory in his lair. While the Piraka were looting Mangaia for weapons, Hakann stumbled upon the spear. Toying around with it, he accidentally set it off in reverse upon Vezok, splitting from him a deformed half being, whom they dubbed "Vezon." Vezon later stole the spear while the others were engaging the two Mana Ko that had appeared, and ran off with it. He kept the tool, and traveled to Voya Nui with it. After being condemned to remain in the Chamber of Life, he continued to use the spear, defusing small Rahi for his own amusement.[4]

The Piraka soon arrived in the chamber, seeking the mask fused to Vezon's head. Vezon used the spear to fuse Vezok and Reidak into a skull faced monster, who dispatched the other Piraka. Vezon eventually separated it back into Vezok and Reidak. After his defeat at the hands of the Toa Inika, Vezon was again confronted by the Piraka. Vezok attempted to use the spear to fuse himself and Vezon back together, but Reidak snapped the Spear into several pieces, robbing him of the chance.[5]

Vezon was later able to reconstruct the spear using its own power. However, Jaller burned it to ashes during a confrontation with Vezon in the Cord.[2]

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, the Spear of Fusion was one of many dangerous items placed in the Archives.[DM, Ch. 3]

Example Usage

In Inferno, Vezon used the spear to fuse Vezok and Reidak into a monstrous brute, which dispatched the remaining Piraka. He then used the spear again to restore Vezok and Reidak to their original forms.

Set Information

The Spear of Fusion in set form

The Spear of Fusion was released in 8764 Vezon & Fenrakk, consisting of 12 of the set's 281 pieces. A simpler, six-piece version was included in 10204 Vezon & Kardas, since the Kardas Dragon model used several pieces from the more complex version of the staff. This version included an eight-link chain attached to it.


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