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Festival of Masks

The Festival of Masks is an ancient celebration practiced on the island of Okoto in ancient times, before Makuta's Betrayal. During the last Festival of Masks, all six Elemental Creatures appeared to Ekimu, an occurrence that led him to journey to the Temple of Time in search of answers. There, Ekimu used the Mask of Time and experienced a vision of the cataclysm that would soon rock the island, utterly changing its landscape.

The Festival of Masks served to honor the Protectors in ancient times and to celebrate the masks worn by all Islanders, which was taken as a symbol of unity. After the City of the Mask Makers was reclaimed, Ekimu and the modern Protectors began discussing the holding of a new festival.

Prophecy of Heroes

The Prophecy of Heroes is a legend told by Ekimu to six Protectors, which would be passed down to their descendants and used to summon the Toa.




Okoto has an older language that predates the existence of the Mask Makers. This language is present on murals depicting the Elemental Creatures, near the City of the Mask Makers.[1]


The modern language of Okoto has a twenty-six letter alphabet, with the written form using primarily quadrilateral shapes.

Skull Raiders

The Skull Raiders and the Skull Army have a seperate language system.


These are the Okotan letters with their corresponding Roman alphabet counterparts.

Roman A B C D E F G H I J K L M
Roman N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Makuta believes in gods. When he planned to escape the Shadow Realm, he stated that he wanted to take his rightful place among the gods.[2]

The Mask of Creation and the Mask of Control both have runes etched into them, known to be sources of power.[3]



Toa Symbols

The six Toa each have their own personal symbol, which is present on their Unity armor, Unity Masks of Power, and in the Capital City. These symbols are transplants of the Nuva Symbols from BIONICLE's first generation.

Tahu Onua Pohatu Kopaka Lewa Gali


Ekimu, Umarak, and the Elemental Creatures also have symbols. They each resemble an important part of the characters, with Ekimu's resembling a hammer on an anvil, Umarak's resembling his prominent antlers, and the Creatures' resembling the shape of the Creatures themselves.

Ekimu Umarak Elemental Creatures