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"Good Kardas. Nice devastating monster. Are you my favorite engine of destruction? Yes, you are."
Vezon, Inferno


Mutated Fenrakk Spawn
Powers Increase in strength upon defeat (only while Vezon was in possession of the Kanohi Ignika)
Acidic saliva
Status Transformed into Kardas
Pronunciation FEN-rack[1]
Set 8764 Vezon & Fenrakk (instructions)

Transformed Fenrakk
Powers Concussive force
Status Alive (in stasis)
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation CAR-dass[2]
Set 10204 Vezon & Kardas (instructions)

Fenrakk was a male[3] Fenrakk Spawn who was mutated and fused with the insane Piraka Vezon as guardians of the Kanohi Ignika. Upon being defeated by the Toa Inika, Fenrakk was transformed by the powers of the Mask of Life, becoming Kardas, a giant dragon Rahi. In this form, he was also known as the Kardas Dragon.[4]



After making his way to the Chamber of Life, the insane Piraka Vezon attempted to steal the Kanohi Ignika. Upon touching it, he became cursed by its power. A Fenrakk Spawn[5] was mutated into Fenrakk as a result of the curse and fought Vezon. Soon, the Mask of Life fused Vezon to the spider, creating two new guardians for itself. Fenrakk gained Vezon's new power of absorbing kinetic energy, and the two waited for someone to claim the Ignika.[6][1]

Soon, the Piraka arrived to attempt to take the Ignika for themselves, but stopped short upon encountering their former ally and his vicious arachnid counterpart. Vezon defeated them easily, transforming Vezok and Reidak into a hulking combination of the two which dispatched the other four.

The Toa Inika soon burst into the chamber as well, just in time to see Vezon defuse the beast, rendering all the Piraka incapacitated. Fenrakk charged the Toa, engaging them in combat. During the battle, Vezon showed off their shared ability to absorb kinetic force by slamming Fenrakk repeatedly with a rock. The Inika managed to gain an edge in battle, but Fenrakk tapped his foot repeatedly on the ground, recovering his wounds. While fighting, Jaller attempted to force Vezon and his mount back towards lava, in order to get them to surrender. Much to the Toa's surprise, Vezon instead willingly urged his steed into the lava, where the Ignika transformed the enlarged Fenrakk into Kardas.[7]


Kardas blasting the Toa Inika

The following battle eventually tipped in Vezon and Kardas' favor. Just before the final blow could be dealt, Jaller ordered Kongu to use his Mask of Telepathy to reveal the Ignika's true feelings to Vezon. Angered, the deranged Piraka pointed his Spear of Fusion at Matoro, preparing to launch its energies at the Toa of Ice. Before he could, Jaller launched a Zamor he received from Axonn. The Zamor froze Kardas and his rider in a stasis field. This allowed Matoro to take the Mask of Life from the back of Vezon's head, separating the Piraka from Kardas in the process. When the rest of the Piraka confronted the Inika, the Ignika made Kardas fire one last blast at Matoro, causing him to lose his grip on the mask. It then flew to the island surface and plunged into the sea.[8]

Freed from the Ignika's powers, Kardas and Vezon went different ways, Kardas eventually making its way to the surface of Voya Nui.[2] Shortly afterwards, Kardas was challenged by another giant Rahi, the Tahtorak,[2][9] which had been unleashed by Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak earlier. The Tahtorak defeated Kardas, who fled to the island of Mata Nui.[10][11]

Upon arriving on the island, Kardas attempted to battle with the Bohrok swarms, but was severely wounded. Gali Nuva, while on a mission to awaken Mata Nui, found the injured Kardas Dragon unconscious and used her power to heal it.[12] When Kardas awoke, it entered the underground tunnels and reached the island of Metru Nui, where it encountered the Toa Mahri, who defeated and captured it.[13] It was then kept in the Archives.[10][4]

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Kardas was evacuated to Spherus Magna.[14]

Abilities and Traits

The enlarged Fenrakk in the 2006 Titan Commercial

As a Fenrakk Spawn, Fenrakk had great strength and acidic saliva.[1] He also shared Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic energy.[15] In addition, while Vezon was in possession of the Mask of Life, this Fenrakk would come back in a stronger form each time he was defeated. This only occurred once, transforming it into Kardas.[16]

As Kardas, he constantly generates a concussive force inside of himself and then releases it. If he does not release the energy, it would be forced out as an explosion that would kill the dragon. Like the spider it was transformed from, Kardas is male.[3]

Although Kardas was fused to Vezon, he did not share the same kinetic absorption ability Vezon and Fenrakk did.[17]

Set Information

8764 Vezon & Fenrakk was released in late 2006, containing both Vezon and the enlarged Fenrakk. Together, the two figures had 281 parts. Fenrakk's massive jaws could open and close, and two pins on his back allowed the Vezon figure to be attached. A chain attached to his neck also could be held by Vezon. The same Vezon and Fenrakk set was later released as a component of 10204 Vezon & Kardas.

Kardas is a set combiner of the 8733 Axonn, 8734 Brutaka, and 8764 Vezon & Fenrakk sets. The instructions needed to build Kardas were available in 10204 Vezon & Kardas, which included the pieces of all three titan sets (though it did not come with instructions for the three component sets). The instructions were also available on BIONICLE.com. Kardas's wings could fold or unfold, and his mouth could open or close. At the time of its release, 10204 Vezon & Kardas was the largest published BIONICLE model.


As Fenrakk

Promotional artwork of Kardas
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