2006 Titan Commercial

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Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Axonn
Vezon & Fenrakk
Release Date 2006

Titans[Videos] was a half CGI-animated, half set-based animation released in 2006 to promote the sets of Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon and Fenrakk. In 2008, it continued to be available to be viewed at the Story Archive section of BIONICLE.com's Kanoka Club, but it was later deleted in early 2009 along all of the Kanoka Club.


The animation opens with the BIONICLE text logo and the Voya Nui promotional image. The set Brutaka's foot stomps into a puddle of water, and one of his hidden knives is pressed into position. A pose of Brutaka and his name are presented as the narrator describes him as "a mighty warrior but a traitor". Axonn's axe and thoroughly articulated hand are shown before his pose and name are presented, described as "strong and a brave defender of justice". An animated sequence follows depicting a battle between the two former friends. Axonn splits a rock with his Giant Axe and hits it towards Brutaka, who blocks it with his Rotating Blades and then advances towards the camera. Fenrakk is shown being pulled on a chain towards Vezon while the narrator points out that "Vezon has the mask, but Fenrakk has the teeth". Vezon is positioned on top of Fenrakk, which is followed by an animation of the two advancing towards the camera. The animation ends with an image of the box sets of the 2006 Titans and the narrator stating that the "Giants" have arrived.