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"Kopaka spun around just in time to avoid a noxious stream of yellowish-green liquid. The stream hit a cluster of boulders instead, and within seconds the solid rocks had melted away into nothing but a bit of greenish steam."
— Narrator, Beware the Bohrok

Acid Bohrok.PNG
Lehvak using their Acid Shields
Matoran prefix None
Associated colors None

Acid is a power that allows the wielder to create acidic substances.

Species Wielders

Matoran Universe


  • The Lehvak can release a stream of acid from their Acid Shields.
  • Some Fohrok could release a stream of acid from their shields.
  • The Bahrag can release more acid than the Lehvak.



  • Spraying a large amount of incredibly corrosive acid over a short-range area, capable of dissolving any known substance
  • Releasing a Rhotuka of Acid, allowing it to dissolve targets


All of the following have the power of Acid: