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"The section looked like a live Rahi had passed through, shattering the display case and scattering artifacts. Fortunately, only the outer shell had been broken. Had the inner casing been cracked, the Rahi inside might well have come to life again and rampaged through the Archives."
— Narrator, Mystery of Metru Nui

Stasis Tube
Users Matoran, the Shadowed One
Makuta Tridax
Function Containing and imprisoning living creatures
Status In use
Location Metru Nui (Archives)
Odina Fortress
Destral (all formerly)

Stasis Tubes are devices used to contain living creatures, either for imprisonment or display purposes. The tubes consist of two layers of clear material: a harder, protective outer layer, and a more fragile inner shell. After being subdued, the subject is placed inside the tube, and the tube is filled with a gas (a diluted version of the Kraahu stun gas is used on Metru Nui). The gas slows the life functions of the subject to such a degree that they can survive inside the tube for tens of thousands of years with no food or air. If the inner layer of the tube is cracked, however, the subsequent rush of air will wake the imprisoned creature.

Some Rahi species are immune to stasis, such as the Muaka or the two-headed Tarakava.


  • On Metru Nui, Stasis Tubes were used to store Rahkshi and Rahi that were too dangerous to be allowed to wander free in the city. Most of the Rahi were then put on display in the Archives. Almost all of the Stasis Tubes were shattered during the Great Cataclysm, and their contents escaped into the city. The Rahaga, Turaga Dume, and, after a time, the Matoran undertook efforts to re-capture and replace them in the Archives.
  • On the island of Mata Nui, the Turaga used small Stasis Tubes to imprison Kraata that they hunted. The Kraata were all released when the cave they were contained in was attacked by the Rahkshi, but the combined effort of Tahu and Kopaka sealed the cave shut, preventing the Kraata's escape.
  • The Shadowed One used a Stasis Tube to keep Varian prisoner. This Stasis Tube survived the destruction of the Matoran Universe, and Varian remains imprisoned.
  • Makuta Tridax used Stasis Tubes on Destral to contain the Takanuva from alternate realities, from whom he was draining their light to create an army of Shadow Toa. When the Order of Mata Nui leveled Destral, many of the Stasis Tubes were shattered, and the surviving Shadow Takanuva were released.
  • In an alternate Metru Nui, Stasis Tubes in the Archives were used to imprison enemies of the Toa Empire, such as Turaga Dume.


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