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"No doubt your masters want to consult me on matters of strategy and tactics."
"No. I think they said something about needing someone who could die horribly without being missed. So, naturally, they thought of you.
Vezon and Trinuma, Destiny War

Order of Mata Nui
Kanohi Great Mask of Charisma
Powers Mental shielding
Tools Nynrah Ghost Blasters
Kinetic weaponry
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Try-new-mah[1][note 1]
Set number 8688+8689+8690

Trinuma is a member of the Order of Mata Nui.


When the Toa Nuva were taken to Daxia to use the Staff of Artakha, Trinuma placed the staff into a niche inside a spherical chamber so that it could be used to reverse all of the effects of the Great Cataclysm.[3][4]

Promotional artwork of Trinuma

Trinuma was sent with Botar to purchase weapons from Xia and store them at a rendezvous point with Brutaka and his team on a small, wooded island not far from the Southern Continent. Suspicious of the purchase, Makuta Icarax discovered the pair and attacked them, killing Botar. Trinuma escaped, stored the weapons on another island, and returned to Daxia to report what had occurred.[4]

Trinuma later released Vezon from his cell on Daxia, telling him that he was needed as an expendable.[5] He and Vezon set off in a boat for Destral, and, after an onslaught of Vezon's questions, Trinuma revealed Vezon would "betray" the Order[6] by informing the Brotherhood of their coming assault on Destral, leading them to activate the island's teleportation technology, which the Order had sabotaged. When they reached Destral, Trinuma dropped Vezon off on Destral and left.[7]

After Makuta Teridax took over Mata Nui's body, he destroyed Daxia and killed many members of the Order. Trinuma managed to survive and made contact with the Toa Nuva and Takanuva on the island of Stelt, informing them that there were still members of the Order who survived.[8]

When Teridax was killed, the Matoran Universe was left in ruin, and so Trinuma emigrated to Spherus Magna.[9][10]

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

Trinuma was among the survivors of the Matoran Universe following Mata Nui's death in this alternate universe. When Toa Takanuva arrived in the dimension, Trinuma escorted him to Turaga Takanuva's chambers.[11]

Abilities and Traits

Trinuma is a member of the Order of Mata Nui, but not a particularly high-ranking one.[12] He has a serious, no-nonsense attitude.[13] Trinuma is nine feet (2.7 meters/2 bio) tall.[3][4] Like all other Order members, his mind is shielded from telepathy and other forms of mental probing or attack.

Mask and Tools

Trinuma has two Nynrah Ghost Blasters mounted on his back. They grant him the ability to take control of any mechanical object they strike. He carries a shield and wears the Great Mask of Charisma, which allows him to convince others to become loyal to his cause. Trinuma also possesses tools that can emit kinetic energy, allowing him to fly. He can also use them to fire bursts of kinetic force.[14] With the exception of the Nynrah Ghost Blasters, Trinuma's tools are all made of Protosteel.[15][16]

Set Information

The Trinuma set combiner

A special web code was distributed in the July–August 2008 issue of LEGO BrickMaster Magazine. When entered in the Kanoka Club or on the LEGO Club website, it yields the instructions for the Trinuma combiner. The combiner is made from 8688 Gali, 8689 Tahu, and 8690 Onua and features two Nynrah Ghost Blasters mounted on its back.




Story Serials

Short Stories


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