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Command Toa Jaller
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Mouse

Command Toa Jaller is an online game that features Toa Mahri Jaller as the controllable character. It is a game in which the player has to defeat oncoming waves of enemies. There are a total of six levels. When enough enemies are defeated, the player will advance to the next level and obtain a Cordak missile. If all six are obtained, the player will see a victory scene and be taken back to the main screen of the game, with a code that will allow them to activate the Ignika if they play again. If the player loses, they will see a different scene, where the wall behind Jaller is brought down and Spinax attacks him, and return to the main screen without the code.



In the opening scene, Jaller is near a sea wall with his Hahnah Crab. We see, in the back of the wall, Spinax ready to pounce on Jaller. The enemies are trying to distract Jaller so Spinax can attack. During the game, the enemies will fire at the wall behind Jaller, destroying it bit by bit. If Jaller successfully grabs all the Cordak missiles and defeats all the villains, a scene will be shown where Jaller discovers Spinax and fires all his missiles, bringing down the wall on Spinax.


  • Mouse - Move up or down and aim
  • Left Click - Shoot Fire; hold then release for a charged shot


Image Name Description
Mantax These enemies fire at the wall when they get close.
Carapar These enemies fire at the wall when they get close. They can dodge attacks with quick vertical movement.
Maxilos These enemies fire continuously.
Hydraxon These enemies fire continuously when they are tangible. Periodically they turn translucent white, and are intangible at this time.


Power-ups can be dropped when an enemy is defeated. Jaller's Hahnah Crab will then retrieve them.


These power-ups temporarily change Jaller's attacks. Only one can be in effect at any time.

Image Description
This power-up temporarily causes Jaller to automatically emit a large, continuous beam of energy, capable of hitting Hydraxon when he is intangible.
This power-up temporarily enables rapid-fire. Hold down the left mouse button to use.


These power-ups permanently increase an attribute. Up to four of each can be held.

Image Description
This power-up permanently increases the damage dealt by Jaller's attacks.
This power-up permanently increases the speed of Jaller's vertical movements.
This power-up permanently increases the speed at which health is automatically restored.


Other power-ups.

This power-up advances Jaller to the next level.


The Mask of Life code is (JON). This will cause the dark portion of the screen to light up for the entire game.

Pressing 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the same time during any of the first six levels activates cheat mode. After cheat mode is activated, press various numbers to activate different cheats.

  1. Win level
  2. Restart level
  3. Recover health
  4. Activate the Ignika

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