Hand of Artakha

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"The Hand operated for more than 200 years, challenging threats to the new universe created by the Great Beings as well as stopping a number of natural disasters."
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Hand of Artakha
Set Axonn.PNG
Axonn, a former member of the Hand
Headquarters Unknown
Leader Unknown
Goals Carry out Mata Nui's will
Protect Matoran
Allies Artakha
Enemies None
Status Disbanded
Pronunciation Ar-TOCK-ah[1]

The Hand of Artakha was an ancient organization that dedicated itself to carrying out the Great Spirit's will and protecting the Matoran.[2]


Shadow Stealer, another former member of the Hand

Over one hundred thousand years ago,[OGD] the Hand of Artakha was founded with the goal of maintaining peace and pursuing justice in the still-forming Matoran Universe.[2] The Hand named itself after Artakha, as he represented order and creation, principles the Hand fought for.[citation needed: OGD-OGDi?]

The members stood watch over the locations of Karzahni and Artakha, the first islands of the Matoran Universe. They also established a base on Artakha.[citation needed: OGD-OGDi?]

The Hand also worked with Rahi creation, creating the Energy Hound species.[OGQ]

Although a force for good, the members of the Hand were very undisciplined, and caused massive amounts of damage while performing their duties, despite good intentions. Throughout their years of service, the Hand opposed threats to the newborn universe and prevented many natural disasters.

After over two centuries of service, the Hand was forced to disband, as it caused more harm than good. The members of the Hand went their separate ways, attempting to find their place within the universe, while the mantle of public defenders went to the more efficient Toa teams that were beginning to form. One of the Hand's members, Toa Helryx, still felt the need for a force of justice, and formed the Order of Mata Nui, a secret organization dedicated to following Mata Nui's will. She extended an invitation to many of the Hand's former members, many of whom accepted.[2]


Only a few former Hand of Artakha members are known:


Only two named former Hand of Artakha servants are known: