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History of Bara Magna
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History of Bara Magna

100,000 Years Ago

The Shattering
  • The Core War reaches its climax.[1]
  • The Shattering splits Spherus Magna into three pieces; Aqua Magna, Bota Magna, and Bara Magna. The two smaller planetoids become moons of Bara Magna, where beings separated from their homelands struggle to scratch out an existence.[1]
  • The Element Lords, military leaders of the Core War, are trapped on Bara Magna.[1][2]
  • Sahmad is left stranded on Bara Magna, where he takes up residence in the wilderness, all the while developing an increasing hatred for other Agori. He acquires a Baranus chariot and tames a Spikit, using them to travel around the Wastelands.[3]
  • Strakk is stranded on Bara Magna, far from his homeland.
  • Annona is stranded on Bara Magna, and hides from fear of the Great Beings.[3]
  • The warriors and Agori of the Sand Tribe begin to devolve into primitive savages as a reaction to the disaster.[4][5]
  • Metus begins to sell Exsidian, and is such a good salesman that people skirmish over who should buy his goods.[citation needed]
  • Tarix, Certavus, Ackar and Vastus create the Glatorian system of arena battles as a means of resolving disputes between tribes over the Exsidian. Tarix convinces the Glatorian to join the system by writing the Glatorian Creed, while Ackar works on convincing the Agori.[6][7]

Sometime Between 100,000 Years Ago and Before One Year Ago

20,000 Years Ago

  • Certavus, Prime Glatorian of Iconox, passes away from natural causes.[10] Strakk becomes the prime Glatorian of Iconox.

Arrival of the Skrall

Prior to One Year Ago

  • Many years ago, a small population of Skrall takes up residence in the abandoned city of Roxtus. This group lives in relative peace with the rest of the Bara Magna population, occasionally challenging the other villages for resources.[11]

Seventeen Months Ago

  • The annual Great Tournament begins in Atero. A few Skrall participate and win in every fight they participate in.[12] However, they pull out before they can win. Perditus loses in the tournament to the Kaxium V3, but Crotesius wins in the vehicle division. Tarix wins the Glatorian championship.[13][9]
  • In the far north of Bara Magna, while on a mission to salvage supplies from a wooded area, a Skrall patrol is attacked by a pack of the Shapeshifting Baterra. Only two warriors survive, one of whom earns the name Branar. Despite Skrall attempts to stop them or to hunt them out, the Baterra continue to ravage the Skrall, wiping out most of the warrior class and all of the leader class except Tuma.[8][14]
  • Tuma leads a failed expedition to find the Baterra, during which they discover that the Baterra are shapeshifting machines.[8]
  • Baterra infiltrate the last Skrall Fortress, decimating the inhabitants and forcing the last of the Skrall to flee south under the leadership of Tuma. More Skrall are killed as they flee, and they abandon the Sisters of the Skrall in an effort to slow the Baterra.[8][15]
Baterra attacking Skrall
  • Upon arriving in Bara Magna, the Skrall occupy the city of Roxtus. Convinced that the Baterra intend to pursue them south and eliminate them, Tuma launches plans for a conquest of the region to secure space to battle the Baterra.[16][17]
  • Atakus leads the Agori of the Rock Tribe after the Skrall to join them.[18]
  • Tuma orders monthly "Vorox runs" in an attempt to locate the presence of Baterra in the area to be prepared for a possible invasion.[19]
  • The Skrall begin to participate in the arena system. Over the course of a year, they continue to participate in matches, slowly growing more aggressive over their time there. Atakus brings Metus to Tuma, and the Ice Agori agrees to betray information about the Agori to the Skrall.[16][14][20][18]
  • The Glatorian Malum tries to kill Vastus in an Arena Match, but Strakk intervenes.[21]

Thirteen Months Ago

  • Four months after his fight with Vastus, Malum viciously defeats a Jungle Glatorian in Tesara. Raanu confronts him, but this makes little difference.[21]

Eleven Months Ago

  • Two months after his fight with the Tesaran Glatorian, Malum fights Strakk. During the fight, the two taunt each other mercilessly, causing Malum to snap and try to kill Strakk, forcing Gresh to stop him. As punishment, Malum is exiled. However, he encounters a Vorox alpha and defeats it, securing leadership of the tribe. He slowly begins expanding his influence over the wasteland.[21]

Six Months Ago

  • The Agori Berix is scavenging in the Wastelands of Bara Magna when he is attacked by the bone hunter Fero atop of his Rock Steed Skirmix. The Glatorian Gresh, Tarix, and Strakk arrive and rescue the Agori by attacking Fero. However, they scarcely fend him off than they are beset by Vorox, although these are quickly called off by Malum.[22]
  • The three Glatorian continue to Vulcanus to watch Gresh fight a Skrall in the arena for the claim on an oasis. Gresh is defeated, and the Skrall claim the oasis.[22]
Gresh battling a Skrall
  • Later the same day, the traitorous Ice Tribe Agori Metus tells the Skrall that a trade caravan will be dispatched from Tajun.[22]
  • The Skrall travels to Roxtus and tells Tuma of the encounter. Under Tuma's orders, the Skrall slips the information to a captured Agori and "accidentally" sets him free.[22]
  • One week after the fight for the Tesaran Oasis, A trade caravan from Tajun is ambushed and destroyed by the Bone Hunters. [22][12]
  • An adventurous Agori is recruited by Raanu to gather a group of Glatorian in order to defend Vulcanus from the continuous Bone Hunter raids and, if possible, to convince Malum to return. Though Malum refuses to come back, he helps the Agori to unleash the Vorox on the Bone Hunter raiders, thus restraining their attacks. After many adventures, the wandering Agori finally manages to convince the Glatorian Gresh, Tarix, Strakk and a Skrall to protect Vulcanus.[23]
  • Gelu, the Second Glatorian of the Ice Tribe, loses a Match against Ackar, the prime Glatorian of the Fire Tribe, forcing Iconox to deliver a large supply of Exsidian to Vulcanus. A caravan is assembled in order to deliver the resources to the Fire village. It is protected by the Glatorian Strakk and Gresh, and manned by the Agori Metus, Tarduk and Kirbold. After braving Dune Snakes, quicksand, a cave-in, Skrall, and Malum the caravan winds up accidentally plunging into the Dark Falls. Kiina and Ackar arrive and the group is able to convince some Skrall to fish the supplies out for them and then flee, escaping the Skrall by leading them into a conflict with Vorox. After a conflict with the Skopio XV-1 and Telluris, they are able to arrive safely in Vulcanus.[24]

The Fall of Atero

Five Months Ago

  • The Glatorian Tarix defeats Gresh in a friendly practice match in Tesara. The Agori Berix shows Gresh a piece of the Book of Certavus which he recovered from ruins in the Wastelands. The two of them travel into the Wastelands to recover the Book, but are attacked by a pack of Vorox. Using dummies found in an abandoned training center, Berix and Gresh trick the Vorox into thinking the center is defended by a small army. Together, they discover the book among the ruins, though Gresh has already learned the lesson to use brains instead of brawn, and lets Berix take the book.[25]
  • A Skrall patrol is assigned to locate the Book of Certavus in the western ruins. However, it returns to Roxtus without the book. As punishment, they are reassigned to the duty of feeding Spikit, and end up as being devoured by the Spikit themselves.[17]
  • Malum and his Vorox attack a Skrall patrol north of the Skrall River. Tuma orders the capture of Malum to be employed as an ally of the Skrall. The Skrall capture Malum and head back to Roxtus with the captured Glatorian. Malum regains consciousness and discovers that he and several Vorox, who have been horribly abused, are being held captive in Roxtus. In the Roxtus Arena, Tuma forces Malum to demonstrate how he commands the Vorox, which the ex-Glatorian does, to the surprise of the assembled Skrall audience. When one of the Skrall warriors attempts to imitate Malum's command, he is attacked by the infuriated Vorox. In the confusion, Malum and two of the captured Vorox escape back into the Wastelands.[17][26][27]
  • The Skrall warrior Branar leads a "Vorox run" in the area north of Roxtus to search for Baterra. His patrol squad and captive Vorox are attacked and killed by Baterra, but he is spared so that he may relay the news of the Baterra's southern advance.[19]
  • Tuma is visited by Metus, whom he informs that the Skrall will launch their attack on Atero tomorrow. The Ice Agori explains that he can tell Tuma how to defeat the Baterra, and announces that he is going to work as Tuma's partner.[28]
  • The day before the tournament, Tarix and Strakk participate in a practice match before the Great Tournament. Tarix remarks that no Skrall have appeared in Atero to participate in the Tournament.[12]
The Battle of Atero
  • Several Agori, including Tarduk, Kyry, Crotesius, Scodonius and Kirbold, are assigned to assist in preparations for Atero to host the coming Great Tournament. While searching for treasure in the Wastelands outside Atero, Tarduk discovers a metal square map with a picture of the Red Star carved onto it. Tarduk enlists Crotesius to round up other Agori to join them on an expedition to track down the Red Star.[29]
  • That night, in a secret area of Atero, Tarduk watches Gresh practice a new series of moves for the Tournament. However, Malum and a group of Vorox appear to warn Gresh of a pending danger to all of the gathered Glatorian and Agori. Gresh dismisses the warning at first, but informs the others of the news.[12]
  • By the next day, Kirbold agrees to join Tarduk and Crotesius and they depart towards the White Quartz Mountains using Sand Stalkers borrowed from Metus.[30]
  • As the Tournament begins, the Agori Raanu, Berix and Metus travel to the gates of Atero and observe a massive army of Skrall warriors marching upon the city. The Skrall attack the Glatorian and Agori, killing many. Tarix and Raanu, realizing that Atero has been overtaken, take it upon themselves to act as leaders of the evacuation, saving as many Glatorian and Agori as possible. The survivors regroup in a cave in the desert, debating the best course of action to fight back against the Skrall.[12]
  • Tuma and Stronius pay a visit to the Sisters of the Skrall north of Roxtus, to secure a potential ally. The two male Skrall are assaulted by the mental powers of the Sisters. While Stronius is trapped within a horrific vision of himself transforming into a Baterra, Tuma bargains with the leader of the Sisters. In exchange for future information about the location of the Great Being Angonce, the Sisters release them and agree to search for Baterra.[15][31]
  • As they walk along the mountain paths, Tuma and Stronius notice trees in positions they had not observed on their trek northward. Believing them to be Baterra in disguise, the Skrall prepare to defend themselves. Tuma and Stronius are ambushed by Baterra behind them and the leader Skrall is dealt a severe blow in the center of his back, while Stronius charges against them. Stronius is knocked out by the Baterra and as Tuma expects to be felled as well, Metus appears and dismisses the mechanical beings, who depart. Metus argues that his knowledge of how to defeat the Baterra warrants him a position of command over the Rock Tribe in the event of Tuma's death. Tuma scoffs at his deal, but grudgingly agrees. As Stronius regains consciousness, the three travel back to Roxtus, as the Ice Agori entertains thoughts of eliminating both Tuma and Stronius to achieve power over the Rock Tribe.[32][33]
  • In Roxtus, Tuma announces the appointment of Metus as surrogate leader of the Rock Tribe to the assembled Skrall's surprise, but secretly orders Stronius to slay Metus in the event of his demise.[33]
  • To the north, Tarduk's party stumble upon the den of Iron Wolves and Surel who arrives and subdues the Wolves. As Surel is proceeding to explain the history of the Wolves and the Core War on Spherus Magna and warning of the return of the Element Lords, the Element Lord of Ice arrives to battle the Element Lord of Fire. Surel and the Iron Wolves retreat, while the Agori continue to the north.[30][2][34]
  • The Agori realize that soldiers of the Glatorian species have merged with the plant life of the Forest of Blades. Feeling sick, scared, and hungry, Kirbold abandons the mission. The two Agori continue into the forest but are met by the Element Lord of Jungle who seeks the Valley of the Maze. While Tarduk and the Element Lord converse, Kirbold returns and sets the Agori free with a torch by burning the plant life.[35][36]
  • The trio of Agori end up at the River Dormus, where they are captured by the Element Lord of Water, who likewise seeks maze. As they talk, the Element Lord of Ice freezes the river. The Element Lord of Rock spares the three Agori by shattering the oncoming ice and manifests himself as a duplicate Tarduk. After interrogating the Agori for their reasons for having made the journey, he lets them continue and vows that he will acquire the power of the Great Beings.[37][38]
  • The Agori walk along the Dormus, witnessing a group of Baterra Shapeshifting and finally reach its headwaters. They come upon the Spirit's Wish archway which transports them back to the ruins of the Arena Magna. Tarduk realizes it was because they secretly wanted to go back to their homes. The Agori leave for their villages, but Tarduk swears that he will go back to the north.[38]
  • In the wake of Atero, Gelu quits arena combat and instead hires himself in the following weeks as an escort to traveling caravans.[39]

Arrival of Mata Nui

Four Months Ago

  • Gelu encounters Fero while guarding a caravan, and they fight each other on their mounts. The Ice Glatorian knocks the Bone Hunter off Skirmix, and then dismounts his Sand Stalker to finish the fight. Gelu ultimately defeats Fero, and discovers a detailed map of Vulcanus with him. Gelu's caravan encounters a group of Zesk in the wastelands. The Agori and their Spikit scare away the Zesk, but lose more than half their load. Arriving back at the caravan, Gelu learns of the Zesk attack.[39]
  • Gelu and the caravan arrive in Tajun where he meets Gresh and Metus, and agrees to accompany them to Vulcanus. Along the way, the three find an Agori transport in the desert, and they help repair it. Due to Gresh's insistence, they decide to accompany the vehicle to Vulcanus. During the voyage, Gresh and Gelu fight off a pack of Vorox.[39][40]
  • They arrive in Vulcanus, where Gelu shows Raanu the map of Vulcanus, and suggests Vulcanus hire Glatorian to defend the village from the expected Bone Hunter raid. Ackar arrives and is placed in charge of the Glatorian force Raanu plans to build. Ackar and Gelu go to meet with Malum, Gresh travels to Tesara to recruit Vastus, and two other Glatorian from the Fire Tribe to recruit Tarix and Kiina. The Agori of Vulcanus start building walls to defend against the Bone Hunters.[40][41]
  • Fero and four other Bone Hunters attack and kill the two Fire Tribe Glatorian before they can reach Tajun.[41][42]
Ackar meets with Malum
  • Gresh arrives in Tesara, but Vastus refuses to help the Fire Tribe, choosing instead to stay and defend the Jungle Tribe.[42]
  • Ackar and Gelu arrive at the Vorox camp and Malum agrees to help them attack the Bone Hunters' camp. Ackar, Gelu, and Malum and his Vorox successfully attack the Bone Hunter camp. After the battle, Ackar and Gelu ride back to Vulcanus, while Malum and his Vorox return to their camp.[42]
  • Tarix and Kiina ride out into the desert and discover the bodies of Raanu's two messenger Glatorian. The Water Prime Glatorian rides back to Tajun while Kiina leaves for Vulcanus. Kiina arrives in Vulcanus and tries to convince Raanu to retreat rather than risk the Agori's lives.[42][43]
  • Ackar and Gelu arrive and tell Raanu and Kiina about the battle at the Bone Hunter camp. Ackar also convinces Kiina to help defend Vulcanus.[43]
  • Gresh arrives in Vulcanus along with several Glatorian trainees and Strakk. The Jungle Second Glatorian tells Raanu of some Bone Hunter plans an Agori learned of from a Skrall prior to Atero.[43]
  • The Bone Hunter raiding party rides through the desert on their way to Vulcanus. A young Bone Hunter questions the value of their mission, and Fero kills him for it.[43]
  • Tuma discusses his manipulation of the upcoming raid with Stronius.[44]
  • Kiina trains some Vulcanus Agori to use Thornax Launchers, while Gresh, Raanu, Metus, and several other Agori build defenses above Iron Canyon. Ackar surveys Iron Canyon and the Agori traps. Strakk scouts around Vulcanus and overhears a Bone Hunter conversation about the raid. Ackar, Gelu, Kiina, Gresh, and Raanu discuss the raid in Vulcanus' inn. Strakk arrives at the inn and tells the other Glatorian about the Bone Hunters' conversation in the desert.[44]
  • Fero's group enters the canyon, and an Agori signals Vulcanus about them. One of the traps is triggered, sealing up the canyon exit. Gelu triggers another trap, dropping a latticework that kills a few Bone Hunters and scatters the rest. After several more attacks, Fero orders his force to turn back. Gresh follows the Bone Hunters all the way back down the canyon. The Bone Hunters use their Thornax to blow away the rocks blocking the exit, and they proceed out of Iron Canyon. Gresh loses sight of the Bone Hunters and heads back to Vulcanus.[45]
  • Strakk gets into an argument with the inn's chief cook and heavily damages the inn. Kiina tries to restrain the Ice Prime Glatorian and they start to fight, causing more damage to the inn. Ackar and several Agori stop the fight between Kiina and Strakk. Gresh arrives back in Vulcanus and tells the other Glatorian and Raanu about the Bone Hunters' retreat. Due to Jungle Glatorian's report, Raanu sends the Glatorian back to their respective villages, despite their insistence that the Bone Hunters have not given up.[45]
  • Fero's team rides past the Sea of Liquid Sand and approaches Vulcanus from the north.[45][46]
  • The Bone Hunters arrive in Vulcanus and defeat Kyry before entering the village. Ackar tries to fight the Bone Hunters, but is nearly defeated by Fero. Kiina, Gresh, Gelu, and Strakk return to Vulcanus, along with Tarix and Vastus. Before Fero can land a fatal blow to Ackar, Kiina fires a Thornax and shatters Fero's blade. The Glatorian successfully defeat all the Bone Hunters except Fero, who escapes into the desert.[46]
Gelu defending the caravan
  • Days after the failed raid on Vulcanus, the Ignika falls into the gravity of Bara Magna.[47][48][49]
  • Gelu accepts a job to escort a caravan for a short distance through the Dunes of Treason, and defends the caravan from a Skrall patrol. The Kanohi Ignika falls towards Bara Magna. The falling Kanohi distracts a Skrall patrol pursuing Gelu long enough for him to escape.[48]
  • A Vorox breaks loose in Roxtus, but is stopped by Stronius. Tuma and Stronius see the falling Kanohi while in Roxtus.[48]
  • Tarduk tells Gresh and Vastus about his journey with Crotesius to the north. Vastus defeats Fero and finds a Skrall shield with him. Gresh, Vastus, and Tarduk see the Kanohi Ignika in the sky.[48]
  • Ackar and Kiina engage in a practice match in the Vulcanus arena, a match in which the Fire Glatorian is the victor. Raanu reminds Ackar of his upcoming match against Strakk. Ackar, Raanu, and Kiina watch the Ignika fall outside of Vulcanus.[48]
  • Metus travels across the desert, piloting the Thornatus. The Kanohi Ignika lands in the Wastelands of Bara Magna, and the Agori decides to go and investigate.[47][48]
  • Several Scarabax Beetles approach the Kanohi Ignika in the wastelands, but are scared away when Mata Nui's body forms. One Scarabax Beetle stays and watches Mata Nui's body form from the Kanohi Ignika. The Scarabax Beetle approaches Mata Nui, climbing up him and touching the Ignika only to be transformed into a shield.[48][50]
Mata Nui on Bara Magna
  • Mata Nui is attacked by a Vorox and defends himself with his shield. The tail of the Vorox strikes the shield and detaches, inciting the animal to flee. Mata Nui encounters Metus' vehicle in the desert, and introduces himself as Toa Mata Nui.[50]
  • A Sand Bat attacks the two beings and wrecks the vehicle. Toa Mata Nui unsuccessfully attempts to defeat it. Discovering that Sand Bats are susceptible to sunlight, Toa Mata Nui uses the suns' reflection on his shield to drive the Sand Bat back.[51]
  • Kirbraz, Scodonius, and Crotesius engage in a practice match that Crotesius wins. As they are discussing the recent Skrall attacks, they are watched by Skrall scouts.[52]
  • Metus and Mata Nui arrive at Vulcanus and witness the Arena Match of Ackar vs. Strakk and Strakk striking from behind after conceding. Mata Nui leaps into the arena and battles Strakk, initially losing until the Vorox tail he is holding is transformed into a sword by the Ignika, and uses it to defeat Strakk. Strakk concedes for all present to hear, and Ackar and Mata Nui travel to the former's home when Metus enters and offers to make Mata Nui a prime Glatorian, to the latter's refusal. Mata Nui begins telling Ackar about his history and Kiina reveals herself and offers to show Mata Nui a cavern she found near Tajun, in exchange for being taken along when he leaves the planet. Ackar, Kiina and Mata Nui leave for Tajun in a Thornatus.[50][52][53]
  • During the trip to Tajun, Ackar tries to use a Cave Shrike to teach Mata Nui about realizing a foe's next move. A Rock Steed attacks Ackar, and he fakes serious harm to get Mata Nui to test his skills against the Rock Steed. Mata Nui remembers Ackar's training and manages to defeat the Rock Steed, learning that Ackar feigned injury.[54][55]
  • In the dunes north of Tajun, a combined force of Bone Hunters and Skrall assembles as Tuma, a senior Hunter, and Metus confer. The leaders then return to their warriors, ordering them to charge the city. Gresh, waiting for a practice match in the arena, notices the cloud of dust kicked up by the invading attackers. As most of the villagers are evacuated to Knee Island, he and a few valiant Agori defend the Water village to the best of his ability against the initial Bone Hunter waves, only to be shocked when Skrall forces arrive to join the fray. Gresh is knocked down by a Skrall, battling for his life and only escaping when he stumbles into a narrow crevice. Due to his injuries, he is forced to watch as the chaos unfolds. The invading force destroys the village, demonstrating an intimate knowledge of its secret chambers and doors before making their way through the deep crevices of the village.[56][57]
  • The group travels through the Sandray Canyon and are soon after attacked by a Skopio and Bone Hunters, who were ordered by Metus to kill them. Ackar, Kiina and Mata Nui defeat their adversaries by burying them under a large pile of rock, even as they draw within sight of the village.[52][53]
  • When Ackar, Kiina and Mata Nui arrive at Tajun, Gresh informs them of the assault. The band of warriors travel to a secret lab of the Great Beings discovered by Kiina near the ruins of Tajun. They discover Berix, who has been exploring the cavern. As the Agori heals the Jungle Glatorian, Mata Nui approaches a doorway carved with the symbol of the Three Virtues. As he touches the doorway, the Kanohi Ignika activates it, opening to lower level of the lab. Mata Nui observes a diagram of a gigantic robot, similar in appearance to his former universe. After Gresh is healed, the Glatorian, Mata Nui, and Berix meet outside and discuss the next plan of action. Using the power of the Kanohi Ignika, Mata Nui upgrades the Glatorian's ancient tools, and imbues them with elemental powers. They head out to warn Tesara.[57][58]
  • Tuma returns to Roxtus where he ponders the purpose of the Skrall and their need for conquest.[58]
  • Further along, the Glatorian engage in a mock battle with their new powers. Ackar uses the opportunity to teach Mata Nui and the others about locating and targeting a foe's weakness.[58]
  • Tarix and Vastus begin a match in Tesara, which is halted upon the arrival of Ackar, Berix, Kiina, Gresh and Mata Nui who inform those present of the current situation. Mata Nui then upgrades Tarix and Vastus' weapons, inspiring confidence in him.[58]
  • Knowing that they are the only thing standing between Tajun and the next most strategic point of attack, Iconox, Tesara prepares for a seemingly inevitable Skrall attack. They begin building defenses and preparing traps, drawing the halves of their villages together to reveal what Mata Nui recognizes as being part of a giant robot. While this is happening, Kiina and Berix are kidnapped by Skrall and Bone Hunters, to lure the Glatorian away from the villages. The kidnapping is discovered and announced in Tesara, causing Mata Nui to leave in search of his friends.[59]
  • Mata Nui reaches Roxtus and confronts the assembled warriors. He engages Tuma in combat while Kiina and Berix, imprisoned above, look on. After Tuma downs Mata Nui momentarily, the latter observes an injury on Tuma's back, and strikes this spot repeatedly, thus defeating the leader of the Skrall.[59][60]
  • Metus steps forward, revealing himself as the traitor of the villages and orders the waiting Skrall and Bone Hunter warriors to attack. An enormous figure composed of Scarabax Beetles called by Click appears and intimidates the Skrall and Bone Hunters, while Mata Nui frees Kiina and Berix as several Glatorian arrive. The Glatorian begin to battle the Skrall and Bone Hunters. Mata Nui spots Metus escaping and pursues him fleeing in his vehicle, which is overturned by a pair of Vorox. The Glatorian are gradually being overcome by the sheer numbers of their opponents though they fight on. Mata Nui catches Metus and transforms him into a snake-like form with the Ignika, then letting him go. Metus remains confident of the Skrall and Bone Hunters triumphing as he slithers away, causing Mata Nui to realize the significance of unity. Reaching his allies, he calls for all of them to release a blast of energy from their weapons in conjunction, besting the Skrall and Bone Hunters.[60]
  • Over the following weeks, The villages are physically brought together into one Mega-Village. Mata Nui names Raanu leader of the combined city, with Ackar leading the defense forces.[61]
  • Due to his treachery against Ackar in Vulcanus, Strakk is exiled to the Wastelands.
  • Following his defeat, Tuma is imprisoned by the Glatorian[62] although he has since escaped and is believed to be in hiding with Stronius in the Black Spike Mountains.[63]
  • Gresh leads a squad in search of the remnants of the Skrall legion.[64]
  • Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina and Vastus return to Sandray Canyon and find a trapped Thornatus. Kiina and Vastus free the chariot by using their elemental powers, while Metus tries to drop a boulder on the group. Click and a swarm of Scarabax beetles dispatch the transformed Agori.

The Battle of Bara Magna

One Month Ago

  • Weeks after the fall of the Skrall, Mata Nui, Gresh, Berix, Kiina and Ackar observe the joining and remark the similarity of a colossal robot-like body sheltering the villages, to the carving Mata Nui noticed in the laboratory of the Great Beings. Berix shows the others a coin he found, depicting on one side the sign of the Three Virtues and a symbol of a giant robot, and on the other side, the symbol on a Skrall shield. Mata Nui realizes the symbol on the shield is actually a map and announces his intention of following it, upon which the others volunteer to go as well.[61]
  • Vastus then tells Mata Nui about Tarduk's tales of the Valley of the Maze and Baterra. Mata Nui begins to look for Tarduk. Crotesius tells Mata Nui of his expedition to the Valley of the Maze and reveals that Tarduk has left to search for it once more. Mata Nui decides to go after him.[65]
  • While traveling to the Valley of the Maze, Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh and Berix are attacked by Skrall stragglers. Berix is struck with a Thornax and injured. Requesting that the Glatorian return to the Mega-Village and tend to the injured Agori, Mata Nui and Click venture to the north without their companions.[66]
  • After traveling through the Black Spike Mountains, Mata Nui arrives at the Valley of the Maze and resolves to get to the tower fortress at its center.[66]
  • Sahmad, driving his Baranus V7, attacks Ackar, Kiina, and Gresh on the outskirts of the Mega-Village. Using their Elemental Powers, the Glatorian subdue and defeat the bandit. The Glatorian then return to the Mega-Village to tend to Berix's injury and defend the Agori. Gresh also outfits himself with new armor that he has salvaged.[66][67]
  • Mata Nui travels through the Maze, encountering Elementally-powered traps and dead ends, all of which he overcomes with the help of Click in Scarab Shield form. He finally arrives at the Maze's center. There he is asked to solve riddles to enter the Great Beings' fortress. After thinking for a long time, he answers to each of the riddles with one of the Three Virtues. He enters the fortress and descends a winding stairway. After some time, he reaches the Great Volcano at the bottom, finding a chained Tarduk suspended above the lava.[66][68]
  • On Aqua Magna, Makuta Teridax decides it is time to hunt Mata Nui down and eliminate him. He rockets toward Bara Magna.[69][66]
  • In the desert, Kiina and Ackar discuss Mata Nui's fate. Ackar agrees to go, with Gresh as well, to find their friend.[68]
  • Mata Nui saves Tarduk and they run out of the tower as it begins to melt. A volcano rises in its place to which Mata Nui travels inside of, realizing the volcano is artificial like the Mangai Volcano. Mata Nui discovers a computer that details his original purpose, reforming Spherus Magna, and his memories return. However, the Great Beings did not build the second robot required for the task. The two locate a power source meant for the prototype robot.[70]
Mata Nui talking with Raanu
  • Several weeks after the start of his quest,[68] Mata Nui returns from the Valley of the Maze with the power source for the prototype robot of the Great Beings. Raanu and Gresh are both highly skeptical of Mata Nui's claims, but both elect to believe in him.[71][72]
  • The Agori and Glatorian evacuate to a mountain cave. Kiina says goodbye to Mata Nui, and lets Click free. Mata Nui assumes control of the prototype.[73][72]
  • Even as Mata Nui attempts to pull Aqua Magna and Bota Magna towards Bara Magna, Teridax arrives on Bara Magna. Teridax vaporizes a peak in the Black Spike Mountains, killing several Skrall. He then uses Gravity to raise the mountain above the cave the Agori and Glatorian are hiding in, but Mata Nui saves them. Despite Mata Nui's attempts to explain that it is their mutual destiny to repair and restore Spherus Magna, Teridax ignores him and invites Mata Nui to join him in his aspirations for intergalactic conquest. When Mata Nui refuses, the two giant robots engage in combat.[73][74][72]
  • Teridax fires a blast at the Glatorian that scatters them.[72]
  • A group of Skrall, lead by Stronius, watch the robots' battle and decide to enact vengeance upon the distracted Glatorian by battling against them.[75][72]
  • Gresh organizes the other Glatorian into shooting Thornax at the feet of the Great Spirit Robot, in an attempt to distract Teridax while he runs towards it. He finds a hatch into the Matoran Universe, but before he can enter, a horde of Rahkshi and Skakdi exit the hatch and begin battling the Glatorian.[75][72]
Mata Nui and Teridax in battle
  • Toa Tahu and Takanuva follow close behind the Rahkshi, but Gresh mistakenly considers them enemies and begins attacking with his Air powers. Takanuva alters his armor color to that of a Toa of Ice to be less noticeable.[75][76][72][77]
  • Mata Nui's energies weaken further and Teridax claims victory over Bara Magna.[72]
  • Sahmad and Telluris journey north together and encounter Metus, who reveals that he has lost the ability to dream.[3][78]
  • Tahu and Takanuva explain to Gresh that they are allies and the Glatorian joins them. Tahu locates the Mask of Life who shows him the Island of Mata Nui in a vision before devolving him back into a Toa Mata. Takanuva finds Tahu as the Ignika creates the Golden Armor that will stop Makuta. Teridax notices its creation and fires a burst of energy towards the Toa, scattering the six pieces of armor across Bara Magna. Gresh meets Tahu and Takanuva and helps in their search for the Golden Armor.[75][79][77]
  • Toa, including the Toa Nuva arrive and began to fight the Rahkshi and Skakdi.[75]
  • Teridax charges up a gravitational burst to destroy the planet. In anger, Mata Nui furiously intervenes with his lowering power, redirecting the gravity towards Aqua Magna and Bota Magna. Teridax's power draws the two moons on an unstoppable course toward Bara Magna. A chunk of Aqua Magna breaks off it.[79][77]
  • Tahu, Takanuva, and Gresh head in different directions and Gresh finds a piece of Golden Armor among a group of Skrall. He acquires it after defeating them with his Air powers.[80][77]
  • Takanuva attacks two Rahkshi by using his light powers to try and combat their Heat Vision. When that fails, he has to create an experimental hologram. He then claimed the piece of the Golden Armor they had in possession.[80][77]
Tahu fighting Nektann
  • Tahu and Nektann engage in a fierce duel for a piece. Tahu reigns as victor and allows the Skakdi to live.[80][77]
  • Mata Nui continues his battle with Teridax and secretly drives him towards a chunk of falling debris from Aqua Magna.[81][77][82][83]
  • Tahu, Takanuva and Gresh quickly regroup and Tahu dons the armor fully. It activates and unleashes energy bolts across the battle ground of Bara Magna, killing every Kraata and syphoning their powers into Tahu.[81][77]
  • Above, Teridax staggers, mentally overwhelmed by the loss of so many Kraata and fails to notice the falling debris which fatally strikes his head, damaging Metru Nui in the progress. The Matoran Universe hits the ground, and Teridax dies.[81][77]
  • Spherus Magna reforms as the moons fall into place. Mata Nui uses the last of his energy to give Life to the planet again, and cure the beings in the universe afflicted by Pit Mutagen. Mata Nui's spirit returns to the Ignika as the Prototype body crumbles to dust.[81][84][77]
  • Sahmad, Telluris and Metus witness the reformation of Spherus Magna, and afterward the Iron Tribe Agori interrogates Metus as to his whereabouts when he lost his dreams. They procede north, retracing his steps.[85]
  • The inhabitants of Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe gather around the ruins, and Ackar finds the Ignika. Mata Nui reveals he is still alive, and asks the populace of Spherus Magna to rebuild and enjoy their new home. As well, the Great Beings must be found so they can be informed of Mata Nui completing his destiny. Mata Nui becomes dormant in the Ignika, and is cradled by Kiina.[84][77]
  • Tahu leads Spherus Magna into a new dawn.[84][77]


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