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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Timeline/Journey's End

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More Than 1 Month Ago

  • Mata Nui is asked to solve riddles to enter the Great Beings' fortress. After thinking for a long time, he answers to each of the riddles with one of the Three Virtues.
  • Mata Nui enters the fortress and descends a winding stairway. After some time, he reaches the Great Volcano at the bottom, finding a chained Tarduk suspended above the lava.
  • In the desert, Kiina and Ackar discuss Mata Nui's fate. Ackar agrees to go, with Gresh as well, to find their friend. Gresh has salvaged new armor from the Wastelands.
  • Mata Nui saves Tarduk and they run out of the tower as it begins to melt. A volcano rises in its place to which Mata Nui travels inside of, realizing the volcano is artificial like the Mangai Volcano.
  • Mata Nui discovers a computer that details his original purpose, reforming Spherus Magna, and his memories return. However, the Great Beings did not build the second robot required for the task.
  • Tarduk and Mata Nui locate a power source meant for the prototype robot.
Mata Nui talking with Raanu

1 Month Ago

  • Mata Nui returns from the Valley of the Maze with the power source for the prototype robot of the Great Beings and fails to convince Raanu to carry out an evacuation of the Mega-Village.
  • Gresh does not believe in Mata Nui's plan until Mata Nui convinces him.
  • Raanu decides to believe in Mata Nui, and the Agori and Glatorian evacuate to a mountain cave.
  • Kiina says goodbye to Mata Nui, and lets Click free.
  • Mata Nui assumes control of the prototype.
  • As Mata Nui attempts to pull Aqua Magna and Bota Magna towards Bara Magna, Teridax arrives on Bara Magna.
  • Teridax vaporizes a peak in the Black Spike Mountains, killing several Skrall.
  • Teridax uses Gravity to raise the mountain above the cave the Agori and Glatorian are hiding in, but Mata Nui saves them.
  • Although Mata Nui explains that it is their mutual destiny to repair and restore Spherus Magna, Teridax ignores him and invites Mata Nui to join him in his aspirations for intergalactic conquest. When Mata Nui refuses, the two giant robots engage in combat.
  • Gresh organizes the other Glatorian into shooting Thornax at the feet of the Great Spirit Robot, in an attempt to distract Teridax while he runs towards it.
  • Teridax fires a blast at the Glatorian that scatters them.
  • A group of Skrall, lead by Stronius, watch the robots' battle and decide to enact vengeance upon the distracted Glatorian by battling against them.
  • Gresh finds a hatch into the Matoran Universe, but before he can enter, a horde of Rahkshi of Heat Vision and Skakdi exit the hatch and begin battling the Glatorian.
Mata Nui and Teridax in battle
  • Toa Tahu and Takanuva follow close behind the Rahkshi, but Gresh mistakenly considers them enemies and begins attacking with his Air powers.
  • Takanuva alters his armor color to that of a Toa of Ice to be less noticeable.
  • Sahmad and Telluris journey north together and encounter Metus, who reveals that he has lost the ability to dream.
  • Mata Nui's energies weaken further and Teridax claims victory over Bara Magna.
  • Tahu and Takanuva explain to Gresh that they are allies and the Glatorian joins them.
  • Tahu locates the Mask of Life who shows him the Island of Mata Nui in a vision before devolving him back into a Toa Mata.
  • Takanuva finds Tahu as the Ignika creates the Golden Armor that will stop Makuta. Teridax notices its creation and fires a burst of energy towards the Toa, scattering the six pieces of armor across Bara Magna.
  • Gresh meets Tahu and Takanuva and helps in their search for the Golden Armor.
  • Skakdi emerge from the hatch and rush into battle.
  • Toa, including the Toa Nuva arrive and began to fight the Rahkshi and Skakdi.
  • The three split and Gresh finds one among a group of Skrall. He acquires it after defeating them with his Air powers.
  • Teridax charges up a gravitational burst to destroy the planet. In anger, Mata Nui furiously intervenes with his lowering power, redirecting the gravity towards Aqua Magna and Bota Magna.
  • Teridax's power draws the two moons on an unstoppable course toward Bara Magna. A chunk of Aqua Magna breaks off it.
  • Takanuva attacks two Rahkshi by using his light powers to try and combat their Heat Vision. When that fails, he has to create an experimental hologram. He then claimed the piece of the Golden Armor they had in possession.
Tahu fighting Nektann
  • Tahu and Nektann engage in a fierce duel for a piece. Tahu reigns as victor and allows the Skakdi to live.
  • Mata Nui continues his battle with Teridax and secretly drives him towards a chunk of falling debris from Aqua Magna.
  • Tahu, Takanuva and Gresh quickly regroup and Tahu dons the armor fully. It activates and unleashes energy bolts across the battle ground of Bara Magna, killing every Kraata.
  • Above, Teridax staggers, mentally overwhelmed by the loss of so many Rahkshi and fails to notice the falling debris which fatally strikes his head.
  • The Matoran Universe hits the ground, and Teridax dies.
  • Spherus Magna reforms as the moons fall into place.
  • Tahu and Takanuva celebrate their victory, and think toward the future
  • Mata Nui uses the last of his energy to give Life to the planet again, and cure the beings in the universe afflicted by Pit Mutagen.
  • Mata Nui's spirit returns to the Ignika as the Prototype body crumbles to dust.
  • The inhabitants of Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe gather around the ruins, and Ackar finds the Ignika.
  • Mata Nui reveals he is still alive, and asks the populace of Spherus Magna to rebuild and enjoy their new home. As well, the Great Beings must be found so they can be informed of Mata Nui completing his destiny.
  • Mata Nui becomes dormant in the Ignika, and is cradled by Kiina.
  • Tahu leads Spherus Magna into a new dawn.