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"Zesk do not live an easy life. Hated and feared by other tribes, they prefer to be left alone."
— Narrator, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna

Tribe Sand
Occupation Bara Magna: Gatherers/Scavengers
Bota Magna: Varied by individuals
Tools Stinger tails
Status Active
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Zesk
Set number 8977

The Zesk are the Agori of the Sand Tribe on Spherus Magna.


A Vorox and a Zesk

The Agori villagers of the Sand Tribe were subjected to the experiments of the Great Beings whilst living on Spherus Magna, gaining stinger tails in the process and becoming quadrupeds.[1]

Prior to the Core War, the Zesk acted as gatherers for the Sand Tribe, and in return the Vorox ensured their safety.[1] They were ruled by the Element Lord of Sand and at the time of the Shattering, a large population was present in the desert area of the planet which became an independent planet called Bara Magna.

After the Shattering, the Zesk and the Vorox on Bara Magna regressed into savages, eventually becoming little more than beasts. The Zesk continued to work as helpers to the Vorox in return for protection against Skrall and Bone Hunters that hunt Zesk for sport.[1] However, some Zesk on Bota Magna did not devolve due to the natural resources found on the fragment.[2]

While on a quest to find a way to defend Vulcanus from the Bone Hunters, an Agori went looking for a Zesk to try his Thornax Stew, on the advice of the Glatorian Malum. He found a Zesk hiding in the sand, and avoided attack by quickly feeding it some of the stew. Satisfied, the beast spat out a musky-smelling ooze, the distinctive odor of which would identify him to Vorox as an ally of the Sand Tribe.[3]

A small pack of Zesk attacked a caravan passing in the Wastelands, stealing some of the contents. The Zesk were driven off by the former Glatorian Gelu, the caravan guard.[4]

Abilities and Traits

All Zesk possess scorpion-like tails and walk on four legs as a result of modifications made on them by the Great Beings. In addition, they possess enhanced senses of sight and smell. The Zesk use these enhanced senses as they lurk beneath the sands to ambush those who wander into their region.[1]

Due to their regressed state, the Bara Magna Zesk's intelligence has greatly diminished to the point that they are incapable of typical Agori speech.[1] Instead, they speak a broken version of that language as well as their own language, in which they have individual names.[5] Other Zesk trapped on Bota Magna did not regress socially as the ones in the desert did.[2]

The saliva of a desert Zesk can mark people as Sand Tribe allies to the Vorox. When fighting large foes, they surround the foe and chitter to use their numbers to their advantage. If the rider is mounted the Zesk try to shake him off his mount.[1]

A Zesk in Glatorian Arena


Zesk possess natural stinger tails as defensive weapons. They also wear their old armor and helmets, designed to give them a four-eyed appearance.[1]

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Set Information

A Zesk in set form

A Zesk was released in set form in early 2009, containing sixteen pieces.


— Zesk, My LEGO Network BIONICLE Campaign



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