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"Mata Nui was amazed that the machine could even move. It looked like it had been made by nailing together pieces of other vehicles."
— Narrator, Desert of Danger

Set Thornatus V9 Vehicle.png
Users Kiina
Function Transport
Arena combat (formerly)
Status In use
Pronunciation thor-NAH-tuss[OGDi: Jun 3 2009, 09:18 AM]
Set number 8995

Thornatus, also known as Dune Chariots, are one of the many types of vehicles found on Spherus Magna. They are used as transports, and were once used as combat vehicles by participants in Arena Matches.


Designs for the vehicle were imagined by the Great Beings, who recorded them. They later left the plans in a cache of equipment, which was discovered by Perditus.

The vehicle came to be mass produced, and they are still in use around Spherus Magna. Thornatus were piloted by Agori into battle during the Battle of Roxtus, and used later to reassemble the Prototype Robot. A Thornatus was trapped in rocks in Sandray Canyon, and freed by the combination of Kiina and Vastus's elemental powers.

Thornatus V9

During the Core War, the Fire Tribe warrior Perditus used his high rank in the Fire army to gain access to a store of equipment and technology left by the Great Beings. He discovered some plans for a transportation unit, and using these designs he built a powerful war vehicle. Perditus christened it the "Thornatus V9" and piloted it into battle himself.

Many copies of the Thornatus were produced, but without the offensive features of the original. They remained in use after the Shattering, but only for transportational use.

As a Glatorian, Perditus piloted the Thornatus V9 vehicle in arena combat and won the Great Tournament with it.

Metus' Thornatus

Metus piloting his Thornatus

Metus acquired a Thornatus for a trip to Vulcanus in order to take care of some business. As he was traveling, Metus encountered Mata Nui, and offered the warrior a ride. During the trip to Vulcanus, the pair was ambushed by a Sand Bat, which attacked them and knocked the vehicle over. Metus attempted to flip the vehicle, only for the Sand Bat to attack again, and destroy some of the transport. After they defeated the creature, Metus and Mata Nui returned to the damaged machine, and were able to make it to Vulcanus.

Metus used his vehicle to travel to Roxtus, where he revealed himself as the traitor. When a giant formed out of hundreds of Scarabax Beetles arrived, Metus tried to escape in his Thornatus. However, a pair of angry Vorox tipped him out of the machine.

Kiina's Thornatus

Kiina used a Thornatus while traveling through Sandray Canyon with Ackar and Mata Nui towards Tajun, and later to Tesara.


The Thornatus V9 set

Thornatus are large vehicles able to traverse the dunes of Bara Magna. The machines feature the ability to extend their side wheels, widening the vehicles and allowing them to travel at greater speeds.

The Thornatus V9 was the most heavily armed vehicle in the Agori villages, featuring a Thornax Launcher and four force blasters. The vehicle must slow down to fire the force blasters as they share their power source with the engine. Other weapons include Exsidian-plated forward blades and a pure Exsidian ram. While not as fast as other Bara Magna vehicles such as the Kaxium or Cendox, the Thornatus V9 is surprisingly quick and maneuverable considering its heavy armor. Perditus built the Thornatus V9 with wheels rather than treads as the former are less vulnerable; the wheels are further protected by sharp armor.

The replica Thornatus, such as those owned by Metus and Kiina, lack the force blasters of the original. They also have lighter armor than Perditus' vehicle.

Set Information

The Thornatus V9 was released as a vehicle set in the latter half of 2009, containing 438 pieces including those for its pilot, Perditus. The 399 pieces used for the vehicle itself include two life counters, a Thornax Launcher, and a Thornax fruit for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. The side wheels can be manually adjusted to fold against the vehicle as they do in the story, and will readily snap into either position by means of a rubber band. The cockpit's rollcage can also be opened or closed, and the top-mounted Thornax can be moved forward or back. Each of the set's four spring-loaded Midak Skyblasters is loaded with four silver light spheres.


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