Great Volcano

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"His attention was riveted on the scene before him. Something was rising out of the ground beneath the tower, and the tower itself was sliding away as if to make room for it. The first thing he saw was the molten lava, followed quickly by what looked like an entire mountain pushing its way up from beneath the earth. It was an awe-inspiring sight – an actual volcano, given birth in a matter of moments."
— Narrator, Journey's End

Great Volcano
Status Intact

The Great Volcano is a power plant in the center of the Valley of the Maze that was created by the Great Beings.


The Great Beings created the Great Volcano, and disguised it so that its true nature would not be discovered. Artifacts, such as the Power Source for a giant robot they made, were stored here. After the creation of the Element Lords, the unstable volcanic area surrounding the Great Volcano was ruled by the Element Lord of Fire, who did not discover the actual properties of the power plant. There also was a Great Being fortress within the power plant where they created several artifacts.

The Lord of Fire eventually left to campaign in the Core War, and the Great Beings built the Valley of the Maze around the Volcano during his absence. More items were stored in the Volcano for safekeeping, as well as details about some of their creations.

One hundred thousand years later, an Agori named Tarduk entered the Great Volcano's outer tower and was wrapped in chains above the lava. When Mata Nui and Click tried to get into the Volcano, they were asked questions by a voice. Mata Nui answered with the Three Virtues, and entered. He freed Tarduk and then escaped when the tower melted, revealing the active volcano. Mata Nui saw through this and cut away the rock, finding a hatch inside. He found the screen detailing his mission, and remembered it. Tarduk entered, and when Mata Nui told him his destiny, he thought that a power source for the second robot might be in the Volcano.

They later found the power source for the prototype robot, and left the Great Volcano.


The Great Volcano is located in the center of the Valley of the Maze.

The outer Great Volcano was protected by a tower, and inside was the base of the volcano. The tower can melt away to reveal the volcano underneath. Pipes pump fake lava out the volcano to help the illusion and under a thin layer of volcanic rock is metal. A screen containing information on the Prototype Robot, Mata Nui's mission, and the Core War was placed there. It also served to house the power source for a third robot that was never built, as well as the original robot that had exploded. Within the Great Volcano was a fortress for the Great Beings.


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