Dunes of Treason

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"Innocent looking sand dunes often turn out to conceal the savage beasts, making it impossible to trust one's eyes here."
— Narrator, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna

Dunes of Treason
Status Nonexistant
Position North-western part of grass plains (Spherus Magna)

The Dunes of Treason was an area which comprised the northwestern part of the Wastelands.


Gelu fending off the Skrall

The dunes formed after The Shattering, when moisture slowly left Bara Magna. The area was so-named because it was a prime hunting ground for the ferocious Vorox, who used the dunes to conceal themselves and ambush their prey.

Trade caravans guarded by former Glatorian escorts often crossed the Dunes to travel between the villages of Vulcanus, Tesara and Tajun. Gelu was one such guard, and was escorting a group of Agori traders along a rocky outcropping when he was attacked by a group of warrior-class Skrall. As he attempted to evade them, the Kanohi Ignika entered Bara Magna's atmosphere to the east of the Dunes and provided a distraction, allowing Gelu to escape.[1]

When Mata Nui brought life to the desert of Spherus Magna after it was reformed, plants grew and eliminated the dunes.


The terrain consisted mostly of expanses of sand dunes, punctuated by small rocky outcroppings which can be used to traverse the desert. Directly to the north of the dunes is the village of Tesara and its arena, and the area is linked with the White Quartz Mountains. The Skrall River forms a border between it and Creep Canyon, and it was one of the largest landforms that comprised the Wastelands.


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