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"Heh. One lone fighter, still with sand in his ears, challenging a Bone Hunter? Did the suns get you, or are you just stupid?"
Fero to Glatorian Gresh, Sands of Bara Magna

Bone Hunters
TLR Bone Hunters.png
Sapient Species
Powers None
Status Active
Locations Spherus Magna

The Bone Hunters are a tribe of nomads that inhabit the desert of Bara Magna.


Fero and Skirmix

Bone Hunters were once Agori of the Rock Tribe, but broke off from the tribe and developed into their own race.[1]

After the Shattering destroyed Spherus Magna, the Bone Hunters were not included in the social system organized on Bara Magna. In order to obtain what they needed, they became thieves, stealing food, weapons, and whatever else they could get their hands on. They raided trade caravans and on occasion, villages, rarely leaving anyone alive to tell the tale. Bone Hunters also captured Glatorian, Agori and Vorox and brought them into Roxtus, the only village that Bone Hunters did not raid.

Several Bone Hunters were ambushed and killed by the Skopio XV-1 and its pilot, Telluris. One survived long enough to warn a group of Glatorian and Agori of the machine.[2]

A representative on the behalf of Tuma met with Bone Hunters to prevent them from raiding Vulcanus. The Bone Hunters then began attacking the village, forcing Raanu to contract several Glatorian from other villages to defend Vulcanus.

Bone Hunters, acting on information leaked by Tuma, began raiding trade caravans out of Tajun, isolating the village.[EotS, Ch. 1]

Raid on Vulcanus

The Bone Hunters acquired a detailed map of Vulcanus from the Skrall, and began planning to eliminate Vulcanus and its inhabitants. Fero, the lead Bone Hunter assigned to the raiding party, was given the map, though he later lost it in a fight with Gelu. Fero later gathered his team, a group full of veteran Bone Hunters, and set out for Vulcanus.

Along the way, the Bone Hunters would occasionally wander out to hunt Vorox for sport, and were rebuked for it by Fero. One of the Bone Hunters questioned the necessity of the current mission, and was killed by Fero as a result. The team also attempted to capture Ackar and Gelu, though they failed to do so.

A Bone Hunter and his Rock Steed in Secrets of Bara Magna!

Several Bone Hunters residing in a camp were attacked by Malum's army of Vorox, taken unawares during the night. The Hunters formed a line of shooters in order to deal with the beasts, but were attacked by Ackar, who broke their ranks. Gelu joined the fray, and a massive battle ensued. The Vorox and Glatorian eventually retreated, leaving many wounded Bone Hunters behind.

Fero's band later attempted to infiltrate Vulcanus through Iron Canyon. Traps set by the Agori and Glatorian were sprung during their traverse, killing and wounding several of the Hunters. Fero pushed the team onward, but eventually turned them around, and they retreated.

While riding out, Fero issued a surprise order to his band, and they looped around, attacking Vulcanus via the Sea of Liquid Sand. The Bone Hunters knocked out the sentry guarding the village and attacked, destroying property and striking at Agori. Ackar emerged to defend his village, but was engaged in battle by Fero. Several more Glatorian soon arrived at the village, and began fighting the Hunters. The Bone Hunters were eventually overwhelmed by the Glatorian, and the survivors retreated.[3]

Skrall War

Bone Hunters attacking Mata Nui's group

A group of Bone Hunters, allied with the Skrall, struck the village of Tajun and plundered the village. Led by Tuma, they patrolled the village. However, Ackar and a group of fellow Glatorian evaded them, knocking out several in the process.

When the Glatorian reached Tesara, a group of Bone Hunters assisted Metus in the capture of Berix and Kiina, whom they brought back to Roxtus.

Seeking the release of Kiina and Berix, Mata Nui traveled to Roxtus, and challenged Tuma to a duel. Mata Nui defeated Tuma and freed his friends, only to discover Metus' treachery. A massive beast composed entirely of Scarabax Beetles frightened the Bone Hunters and Skrall, casting their ranks into disorder. An Agori and Glatorian army then assaulted the Skrall and Bone Hunters, and eventually succeeded in defeating them. The Bone Hunters abandoned their former allies and turned on them, attacking any stragglers that they found.[4]

The Bone Hunters established a base in Iron Canyon after the Agori of Vulcanus moved to the Mega-Village.[citation needed]

When Mata Nui gained control of the Prototype Robot, he tried to warn the Bone Hunters, Skrall and Vorox to shelter themselves in preparation for the coming of Teridax. The Bone Hunters, however, ignored the warning.[5]

Mata Nui soon reformed Spherus Magna, and covered much of Bara Magna in flora. The Bone Hunters now reside with the Agori, Glatorian, and all other races on Spherus Magna. Some time after the battle, a number of Bone Hunters have joined forces with a growing force of criminals and warriors led by The Shadowed One, leader of the Dark Hunters from the Matoran Universe.[6]

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe where Mata Nui had completed his mission, the Bone Hunters were conscripted into an army led by Makuta Miserix. They attacked Tesara, where Vezon had just arrived from the core dimension.[RoS]

Abilities and Traits

The Bone Hunter Fero in set form

Bone Hunters are similar in stature to Agori, but possess greater strength,[7] sense of smell, and tactical abilities. They are not of the same species as the Rock Agori, but are distantly related to them, possessing shared traits such as metallic bones. Bone Hunters use Rock Steeds as mounts. Several Bone Hunters also have a special ocular implant, which acts as an inner eyelid that helps protect their eyes from the hot desert sun. Bone Hunters have their own language.[citation needed]


Bone Hunters are known to use Thornax Launchers, along with any weapons they have stolen, such as Fero's Skrall Tribal Design Blade.

Known Bone Hunters

  • Fero
  • The three dozen Bone Hunters in Fero's brigade
    • Three veteran Hunters
    • One younger Hunter, killed by Fero (deceased)
    • Five Bone Hunters killed by traps in the Iron Canyon (deceased)
  • A group of Bone Hunters that assaulted and patrolled Tajun
  • A group of Bone Hunters that assisted in the capture of Kiina and Berix
  • Many Bone Hunters who fought the Glatorian at Roxtus
  • Several Bone Hunters attacked by Telluris and his vehicle, the Skopio XV-1
    • One Bone Hunter that informed Kiina about the Skopio's attack and later died (deceased)

Social Structure and Interactions

As they were not included in the social system, the Bone Hunters were forced to reside in the wastelands, and steal for what they want. They are known to hunt down Agori, Glatorian, and Vorox for sport, and would occasionally capture them to sell to the Skrall.

Bone Hunters do not have an overall leader, though specific commanders are assigned to missions.

Bone Hunters rarely allow anyone outside their own species into the tribe.[citation needed]


"What do these Bone Hunters want?"
"What they always want. Whatever they can get."
— Mata Nui and Ackar, Before the Storm


  • The Bone Hunters were voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.
  • Gatherers was a name originally considered for the Bone Hunters.[OGDi: Dec 2 2009, 08:20 AM] The name is still reflected in location names including the Gatherers Hideout and Gatherers Ridge.
  • The Bone Hunters that appeared in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn had the appearance of Atakus.


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