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"The Rock Tribe is clearly superior. Have you fought against this Skrall yet? He's going to win everything, you know. I do not concern myself with the other tribes. They are losers."
Atakus, Glatorian Arena

Rock Tribe
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Headquarters Skrall Fortress
Roxtus (both formerly)
Leader Element Lord of Rock
Tuma (both formerly)
Goals Conquer Bara Magna (formerly)
Defeat the Baterra
Allies Bone Hunters
Metus (both formerly)
Dark Hunters
Enemies Fire Tribe
Water Tribe
Jungle Tribe
Ice Tribe
Sand Tribe
Earth Tribe
Sisters of the Skrall
Status Inactive

The Rock Tribe was a militaristic tribe located on Spherus Magna.


The insignia of the Rock Tribe

The Rock Tribe was comprised of the various classes of the Skrall species, and also a number of Agori, and was located in a mountainous area of the Great Jungle. The Element Lords, entities created by the Great Beings to help establish order on Spherus Magna, eventually gained control of the tribes, and the Element Lord of Rock commanded the Rock Tribe.

The Skrall were eventually drawn into the Core War, and were led by members of their leader class. After the Shattering occurred, the Rock Tribe was cut off from their homeland, and forced to take up residence near the Black Spike Mountains.

The Baterra, mechanical assassins created by the Great Beings, soon began attacking the Skrall. The Rock Tribe was devastated by the attacks, and Tuma, the only remaining leader class member, organized the Skrall and forced a massive migration to the abandoned city of Roxtus. Tuma observed the social system of the Agori of Bara Magna, and inserted his tribe into it. The Rock Tribe eventually dominated the social system, winning all of their matches. They also began kidnapping Agori, Glatorian, and Vorox and imprisoning them in Roxtus.

After successfully weakening the economy of Bara Magna, Tuma ordered an assault on the city of Atero to further his plans of conquest. The Skrall later struck at Tajun as well, driving the inhabitants out.

The entire Tribe, along with Bone Hunters, gathered in Roxtus to listen to Tuma's speech of domination. Mata Nui traveled to the arena, and challenged Tuma to a match, which he accepted to avoid humiliation. Tuma was defeated, and in the following battle, the Tribe was dispersed by Glatorian, who now possessed Elemental Powers. Tuma was exiled and forced to live in the Wastelands afterwards. Several Skrall later took advantage of the arrival of Makuta Teridax to attack their old enemies, interfering in the heroes' efforts to claim the Golden Armor. Since then, a number of Skrall have joined forces with a growing force of criminals and warriors led by The Shadowed One, leader of the Dark Hunters from the Matoran Universe.

Known Members


  • Atakus - An arrogant Agori
  • Several Agori that told Sahmad about how Metus transformed into a snake


Tuma, former leader of the Rock Tribe
  • Tuma - The only known remaining member of the leader class
  • Stronius - A special forces Skrall
  • Branar - Named Skrall of the warrior class
  • A leader-class Skrall who became the Element Lord of Rock (transformed; no longer affiliated with the tribe)
  • Sisters of the Skrall - The female members of the tribe who developed Psionics and were exiled by the males


The most populous tribe, the Agori of the tribe who resided in Roxtus acted as support personnel for the Skrall, typically as Thornax targets in the arena. The tribe also imprisoned Agori on occasion, and kept them locked in cages.

The members of the Rock Tribe act as a rigid, militaristic group. The Skrall comprise the bulk of the military, and will only accept orders from a ranking superior.

After Tuma's defeat, the Rock Tribe abandoned him, and the tribe largely splintered into groups led by named or special forces Skrall, including a small faction led by Stronius.


  • The insignia used by the Rock Tribe to identify itself was appropriated from the symbol for the Valley of the Maze.
  • Bone Hunters used to be former Rock Tribe Agori, but developed into their own race.

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