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"From every side of the pass, more robed figures peered down at the two Skrall. Their faces were hidden, but Tuma could feel their hatred just the same."
— Narrator, Empire of the Skrall

Sisters of the Skrall
Headquarters North of the Black Spike Mountains
Leader Unknown
Goals Find Angonce
Allies Unknown
Enemies Rock Tribe
Status Active
Pronunciation SKRAWL

The Sisters of the Skrall is an organization consisting entirely of female Skrall.


The female members of the Skrall race were granted powerful mental powers by Annona, the same being responsible for the Dreaming Plague.[1] The Sisters grew to be distrusted by the male Skrall and, due to the enmity, they were shunned by the males. After the Shattering, females were stranded on Bara Magna and Bota Magna.[2] The distrust and hatred grew between the two genders over the millennia, and the Rock Tribe of Bara Magna eventually abandoned their Sisters when they migrated south to escape the baterra. The Sisters were left to fend for themselves in the wilderness, and managed to survive the next year.[3] The Skrall on Bota Magna became similarly splintered, with the Sisters establishing a separate haven from the males.[4]

Tuma, the leader of the Rock Tribe, approached the Sisters of the Skrall in hopes of forging an alliance against the baterra. He and a bodyguard, the elite Skrall Stronius, requested an audience with the Sisters' leader. When Tuma and Stronius met the leader, she ordered Stronius to lay down his weapon. He refused, and was struck by a powerful mental assault. Tuma ordered the Sisters' leader to cease the attack on Stronius. She instead attacked him, and Stronius eventually relinquished his tool. Though Tuma attempted to persuade the leader to help them, in return for information, the female Skrall ordered the pair to be killed.[3] When the Sisters began torturing Stronius, Tuma revealed that he knew a possible location of Angonce, a Great Being rumored to have given a female Skrall great power. The leader of Sisters deceptively agreed to destroy any baterra they found along the way, in return for the location, meaning to eliminate the male Skrall by manipulating the baterra into doing so. Tuma gave them the location, and they reluctantly allowed the two Skrall to leave.[5]

After the two had left, the Sisters discussed their next move. The leader ordered the Sisters of the Skrall to travel to the Valley of the Maze, where they were told Angonce was. They intended to gain vast amounts of power, and use it to obliterate their male counterparts.[6]

All of the Sisters eventually fell under the influence of Annona, and were stripped of their individual will, when they had gone in search of the Great Being.[7] They were placed underground, and were put in an illusion as Agori from the Iron Tribe and chanted to Sahmad. As Annona began to show herself, the Sisters moved in to capture Sahmad. Telluris and Metus appeared in time to help Sahmad escape the tunnels, only for Annona to be freed as well.[1]

Annona later departed to another world.[8] Her absence allowed the Sisters to regain their free will, but not their psionic powers.[9]

Known Sisters of the Skrall

  • The Leader - Ascended to leadership some time after the male Skrall's departure.
  • Six others surrounding the leader.
  • One guard - Carries a staff.[3]


The Sisters live completely separate from the males, and despise their existence. Unlike the males, they all possesses individual names.[4] Since they previously possessed powerful mental abilities, they felt no need to carry weapons or armor. However, some guards carry staffs.[3] They clothe themselves in robes that are dark brown or faded purple.[10]


"The figure on the throne rose and removed her hood. She wore no helmet or armor. Her face was a dark gray in color, wizened and weathered. Tuma knew appearances were deceiving. Though her body might seem feeble in comparison to a Skrall warrior, the energies at her command were more devastating than any sword or axe could ever be."
— Narrator, Empire of the Skrall

"The sisters are silly little fools. They actually believe a Great Being vested power upon them. It was I that gifted them with the psionic powers they wield. I thought it would be amusing to see them destroy the males of their species. But, like you, they were too weak, and allowed themselves to be driven out."
— Annona, Sahmad's Tale


  • The Sisters of the Skrall believed that the Great Being Angonce was responsible for giving them their powers. A rumor emerged that a Sister of the Skrall received highly advanced psionic powers from Angonce; the myth was widely accepted, and all female Skrall desired to meet Angonce and receive the same power.[5]


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