Sandray Canyon

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"I don't like this! This canyon's ideal for an ambush."
Glatorian Ackar, The Legend Reborn

Sandray Canyon
Status Intact
Position Bara Magna (Spherus Magna)

Sandray Canyon is a geographical formation in the plains of Spherus Magna.


Named after the desert creatures[1] that inhabit the nearby Sea of Liquid Sand, the Sandray Canyon is a rocky alleyway leading westward toward the village of Tajun. After the Shattering, the canyon became part of Bara Magna.

Concept Art of Sandray Canyon

On their way through the Canyon, the Glatorian Ackar and Kiina, accompanied by Mata Nui and Click, were traveling to Tajun in a Thornatus, and came head to head with a Skopio. While Kiina was able to steer the vehicle out of the deadly reaches of the creature's stomping legs, Ackar spotted a band of Bone Hunters astride Rock Steeds heading towards them from the opposite end of the canyon. While the Glatorian of the Fire and Water Tribes battled against the Hunters, Mata Nui distracted the Skopio by running underneath its legs. Mata Nui was able to grab on to the Skopio's leg, however, the Skopio flung Mata Nui off. Landing on an outcropping, Mata Nui brought down the cliff on the Skopio using his sword. Meanwhile, Ackar and Kiina had escaped the Bone Hunters and drove through the Skopio's legs, barely making it past the rockslide, though the Skopio and the remaining Bone Hunters were crushed by the rocks. Using Click in shield form to surf down the cliffside, Mata Nui was able to rendezvous with the Glatorian at their vehicle, and the group continued making their way to Tajun.

Mata Nui challenging the Skopio

After the Battle of Roxtus, Mata Nui, Click, Ackar, Kiina and Vastus returned to the canyon and found a Thornatus buried under rubble. Kiina and Vastus used their elemental powers to free the vehicle, as Metus was preparing to drop a boulder on the group. Click sought to stop the snake, and was pursued until finally cornered. Click summoned his Scarabax Beetle allies, and working together they defeated him.

When Spherus Magna was reformed, Sandray Canyon once again became part of the planet.


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