BIONICLE Glatorian 4: Before the Storm

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"The one called Ackar is down, and now Strakk stands ready to deliver a final blow. But not if I have anything to say about it."
Mata Nui's thoughts

BIONICLE Glatorian 4: Before the Storm
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Pop Mhan

"Before the Storm" is the fourth issue of the BIONICLE Glatorian series of comic books. The issue was released alongside the July/August 2009 issue of LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

Crotesius, riding in the Cendox V1, fights in a practice match with Kirbraz and Scodonius in the Kaxium V3. Soon after the Kaxium splits into two separate vehicles, Crotesius gains the advantage and fires a Thornax at Kirbraz, wrecking his cycle. The three begin a discussion about the Atero's fall and the Rock Tribe. Kirbraz believes they have seen the last of the Skrall; however, no one is aware of two Skrall watching the three Agori from a distance.

Somewhere else Toa Mata Nui befriends Click, who touches the Kanohi Ignika and transforms into the Scarab Shield. After the transformation Mata Nui is attacked by a Vorox, he manages to defeat it and claims its broken stinger. After that Mata Nui meets Metus and the two travel to Vulcanus. In the village's arena Ackar and Strakk continue their duel as Mata Nui relates. Sending Strakk towards the ground with an expert strike from his blade, Ackar asks the Glatorian to concede. The Ice Tribe Glatorian agrees, but Mata Nui senses that something is not right with Strakk's tone. As Ackar turns his back, Mata Nui is proven right when Strakk throws his axe at the veteran, who falls to the ground. Strakk is about to deliver the final blow as Mata Nui then slams into the Ice Glatorian sending him sprawling. Strakk quickly recovers and begins to attack Mata Nui, who has only a detached Vorox stinger and Click in Scarab Shield form. Against Ackar's protests, Strakk drives Mata Nui back. Having gained the upper hand, Strakk swings his Ice Axe at Mata Nui, who blocks the blow with the Vorox tail stinger. The stinger is forced towards Mata Nui's mask, and finally touches it. This causes the activation of the Kanohi Ignika's power, transforming the stinger into a gleaming blade. Stunned from surprise, Strakk is downed by Mata Nui. The Ice Tribe Glatorian then concedes for all to hear. Mata Nui is told that Strakk will be banished to the Wastelands for his behavior.

In Ackar's home, the two discuss being a Glatorian and Ackar comments on the newcomer's used term of Toa. Metus then interrupts and is shocked when Mata Nui declines from being employed as a Glatorian. After he leaves, Mata Nui tells Ackar of his world far from Bara Magna. Kiina, who had been listening in on the conversation, abruptly enters and cheers at being proven right on the fact that there are worlds other than Bara Magna. She agrees to take Mata Nui to a hidden cave where she had discovered ancient technology. In return, she wants to be taken with him when he returns to his world.

Traveling to Tajun through Sandray Canyon together in Kiina's Thornatus, the group suddenly realizes that they are being pursued by Bone Hunters who are attempting to outride them. Suddenly, a Skopio appears, blocking the path ahead.



  • Initial releases of this comic lacked the pages where Mata Nui meets Click and Metus, and have altered narration.

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