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"As a named warrior, he was no stranger to dangerous situations or assignments that require he get his armored hands dirty."
— Narrator, Empire of the Skrall

Tribe Rock
Tools Skrall Tribal Design Blade
Saw Blade Shield
Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Wastelands
Pronunciation BRAY-narr[1]

Branar is a Skrall warrior whose deeds have resulted in him being named.


Branar despairing over his fallen Skrall comrades

Branar lived in the mountainous region of Bota Magna under the rule of the Element Lord of Rock. Like many other Skrall, he was cut off from his homeland after the Core War and the Shattering that separated Bara Magna from its original landmass, Spherus Magna. While patrolling the new area to which the Skrall had migrated, the northern areas of the Black Spike Mountains, Branar and his troops were attacked by the shapeshifting baterra. Branar was able to defend himself from the attacks, and returned to his settlement to report the attack. Tuma granted the Skrall the name "Branar" in recognition of his efforts. Due to the relentless attacks of the baterra, the Skrall were forced to migrate south into the city of Roxtus.[2]

Branar took part in the monthly scouting run for the baterra. When one of the Vorox they were using as bait was found dead, Branar ordered the rest of them released. The rest of the Vorox escaped without being killed. When Branar turned around, believing the death to be an accident, the Skrall with him on the patrol was killed. Branar, realizing that the baterra were allowing him to escape as a warning, quickly raced back to Roxtus on his Rock Steed, and informed Tuma.[3]

Worried by the news, Tuma pushed up the date for his planned attack of the city of Atero.[4] Branar joined the raiding party, which stormed the city the next day and conquered it.[5]

Much later on, the other tribes attacked Roxtus, and Branar fought alongside the other Skrall and Bone Hunters. However, they were eventually defeated and driven into the wastelands.[6]

He later joined one of the fragments of the disbanded Rock Tribe.[7]

Abilities and Traits

Branar is a skilled fighter and a brave warrior, traits which Tuma recognized by granting him a name.[2]


Branar carries a Skrall Tribal Design Blade and a Saw Blade Shield. He also wields a Thornax Launcher.


"Skrall do not fear ghosts ... We make them."
— Branar to a warrior-class Skrall, Fall and Rise of the Skrall


  • While all other warrior-class Skrall seen in-story wear entirely black helmets, Branar's helmet featured red accents.[2]


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