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"He was stunned to see a forest that stretched as far as the eye could see, far larger than the jungle he had called home on the island of Mata Nui."
— Narrator, Reign of Shadows

Bota Magna
Status Part of the reformed Spherus Magna
Inhabitants Agori
Position Northern Spherus Magna
Pronunciation BAH-tuh MAG-nuh[1]

Bota Magna, or the Great Jungle[2] or Great Forest,[3] is a region of Spherus Magna.


Early History

Bota Magna being separated from Spherus Magna during the Shattering

While a part of Spherus Magna, Bota Magna was a vegetation-rich location ruled initially by the Great Beings and subsequently by the Element Lord of Jungle, and the main place of residence of the Jungle Tribe. An Agori of the Jungle Tribe named Lein established a trading post at the drift of one of Bota Magna's northern rivers.[4] The Skrall of the Rock Tribe arose in a mountainous homeland.[5] The Iron Tribe established itself near the Skrall homeland, and worked in mines to exploit iron for trade with the other tribes.[5]

103,000 years ago, the Iron Tribe's members were stricken by a plague, and they retreated into the wilderness.[5]

Over 100,000 years ago, during the construction of the Matoran Universe, a Great Being touched the Kanohi Ignika and was cursed with the power of turning everything he touched to life.[6] The Great Being went insane and was imprisoned in a damp cell in a fortress on Bota Magna.[7]

Before transferring his consciousness into a Matoran body and entering the Matoran Universe, another Great Being made agreements with contacts loyal to him, who reported to him of goings-on on Bota Magna for the next 100,000 years.[8][9]

The Shattering

As a result of the Shattering, Bota Magna, along with the Northern Frost, splintered off from the rest of the planet. It eventually developed into a separate celestial body in a similar fashion to two other areas of Spherus Magna, Bara Magna and Aqua Magna.[note 1] Contained on it were the homelands of the Rock, Jungle, Ice, and Iron Tribes.[18]

Among the beings stranded on the new celestial body were several Vorox, who did not regress into a primitive state like their Bara Magna relatives, due to the abundance of resources.[19]

Some of the Agori stranded on Bota Magna came to blame an over-reliance on technology for the catastrophe.[20] They took to wearing armor fused with plants, and developed a distrust of the Great Beings' fortress.[21]

Bota Magna being pulled towards Bara Magna

The imprisoned Great Being eventually contacted the dimension-hopping Vezon, who arrived in his cell. Vezon was later able to rescue Miserix, Tuyet, Helryx, Artakha, Axonn, Brutaka, Lewa, Hafu and Kapura from space, and dragged them through a portal into the cell, where the Great Being asked that they free him.[7]

Reformation of Spherus Magna

After possessing the robotic body of the Great Beings' prototype, Mata Nui reached out into space and began to pull Bota Magna towards Bara Magna to reform Spherus Magna. The capabilities of the prototype robot were insufficient, however, and the task was interrupted by the arrival of Makuta Teridax in the robotic body of the Great Spirit.[22] Mata Nui granted the inhabitants the ability to understand the Agori language, though this gift was blocked by the protective field of the fortress.[23] Mata Nui was able to redirect one of Teridax's gravity attacks at Bota Magna, pulling it further into Bara Magna's gravitational field until it fell irreversibly. The fragment collided with Bara Magna, and reformed Spherus Magna along with Aqua Magna.[22]

While the others discussed what to do with the Great Being, Lewa left the fortress, and encountered some of the local Agori, though he was unable to communicate with them. Lewa was able to discern that they were asking where he came from, and indicated towards the fortress. The natives quickly became hostile, pointing their spears to his throat.[21]

Days later, Orde, Chiara, Zaria and Gelu entered the region in their search for the Great Beings. They were successfully ambushed and captured by a party of Bota Magna Vorox led by Kabrua. After a failed attempt by the Toa to escape, the four were taken to the Vorox city.[19] The following day, Kabrua revealed they would be released into the woods and then hunted down as revenge for the persecution by the Agori and Glatorian of the Bara Magna Vorox. When Chiara and Zaria tried to ambush the Vorox hunters, Kabrua revealed his ability to shut down a Toa's Elemental Power. Subsequently, Orde and Gelu managed to elude the hunters by climbing into a tree. Orde then scanned Kabrua's mind and discovered that the Vorox had received information from the Great Being disguised as a Matoran Universe inhabitant.[24]

Meanwhile, close to the imprisoned Great Being's fortress, the disguised Great Being planned the building's destruction and the deaths of the beings inside.[25]

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Vultraz and Mazeka of the prime reality arrived in the Bota Magna region of the still-intact Spherus Magna. They were greeted by Toa Macku and the Matoran Helryx, and taken to the village of Ga-Koro there.[26]


The Great Jungle is mostly covered by an expanse of heavily-forested land, which was once ruled by the Element Lord of Jungle. After the Shattering, vegetation stopped growing in some areas, though most of the jungle remained intact. These areas were rendered fertile again by Mata Nui. It is located to the north of Bara Magna.[27][28]

Iron Tribe Homeland

The homeland of the Iron Tribe miners located in forested mountains, overlapping with Skrall mountains due to the presence of iron ore in their region.[5][29][30][31][32] Iron mined here was sent to the Fire Tribe to be forged who in turn sent finished weaponry back.[5]

Skrall Homeland

The Skrall Homeland was located in the forested mountain ranges of Bota Magna, neighboring and, in some cases, overlapping with the Iron Tribe's mines.[5][30][32][33] The Element Lord of Rock ruled this area during their reign.[30] At the time of the Shattering, much of the Skrall population was situated in Rock Tribe outposts of the Bara Magna region and were subsequently cut off from their homeland.[34][35]

Jungle Tribe Homeland

The original home to the Jungle Tribe. This village was much bigger than tribal outposts.[18]

Tribal Outposts

Outposts held by villagers and warriors not native to Bota Magna.[36]

Field of Mist

The Field of Mist is a misty valley in northern Bota Magna.[37] It was the site of a battleground during the Core War on which Water and Fire Tribe forces, led by Tarix and Ackar respectively, clashed.[38]

Lein's Drift

Lein's Drift is a ford in one of the northern rivers of Bota Magna. It was named after Lein, an Agori trader of the Jungle Tribe.[4] During the Core War, Water Tribe forces launched an attack here.[38]

Great Being's Fortress

An imposing fortress made out of rock and mortar. Before the Shattering, the Great Beings had a base here. The fortress is isolated against seismic shocks[39]and against exterior transmissions, such as those sent by Mata Nui.[23]

One of the building's cells was used to hold the Great Being who had touched the Kanohi Ignika, who remained imprisoned there even after the Shattering. The cursed Great Being eventually summoned a group of powerful Matoran Universe inhabitants to his cell.[7] Velika later prepared a mechanism to destroy the tower and everyone in it.[25]

Vorox City

A city inhabited by the Vorox led by Kabrua on Bota Magna.[19]

Northern Frost

Although not naturally part of Spherus Magna's Great Forest, much of the Northern Frost region was present on the Bota Magna moon following the Shattering.[40] It has remained a distinct geological region, however.[41]

Ice Tribe Homeland

The original home to the Ice Tribe. This village was much bigger than tribal outposts.[18]


After the Shattering, most of the inhabitants were left stranded on Bota Magna, along with other people who happened to be there at the time. The Agori of the land eventually developed synthetic armor, made out of metal and flora, as well as weapons carved from wood and rock.

Bota Magna is also home to a number of large biomechanical reptiles.[42]

Sapient Species

Biomechanical reptiles in the Great Jungle


  • A small and fast breed of reptile[21]
  • Biomechanical reptiles
    • Biomechanical lizards
      • A forty-foot-high lizard with a laser targeting system and explosive weaponry[21]
    • Biomechanical sauropods[42]



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  1. Most media, including Mata Nui Saga, BIONICLE Glatorian 6: All That Glitters, and BIONICLE Glatorian 7: Rebirth, consistently refer to Aqua Magna and Bota Magna as moons of Bara Magna after the Shattering. However, BIONICLE: Journey's End inconsistently refers to Aqua Magna and Bota Magna as planets or planetoids in three instances,[10][11][12] while otherwise referring to them as moons.[11][12] Reign of Shadows also refers to Aqua Magna as a planet.[13][14] In 2009, Greg Farshtey confirmed that Aqua Magna and Bota Magna are Bara Magna's moons,[15] but later contradicted this answer in 2014 when he said that he did not believe that they were Bara Magna's moons and instead claimed that they orbited Solis Magna.[16][17]

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