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"Believing that the villages intended to kill him and take his designs and equipment, Telluris threw himself into building a vehicle so powerful that no one could defeat it. The result was the Skopio XV1, born of a combination of genius and madness."
— Narrator, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna

Skopio XV-1
Manufacturer Telluris
Users Telluris
Function Transport
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation SKOH-pee-OH[1]
Set number 8996 Skopio XV-1 (instructions)

The Skopio XV-1 was a massive vehicle designed and piloted by Telluris.


Telluris based the design of the Skopio XV-1 on the Skopio, a creature native to Spherus Magna. The vehicle was intended to be used against enemy caravans and creatures by Telluris.

After the Shattering, Telluris was isolated on Bara Magna, and continued using the Skopio XV-1 to traverse the Wastelands, shunned by the rest of society for fear of carrying the mysterious plague that wiped most of his tribe out.[2]

While traveling through the desert, Telluris used his vehicle to wipe out a band of Bone Hunters before disappearing back into the sand. Some time after, a convoy carrying Exsidian and escorted by four Glatorian passed by his hiding spot. Telluris brought the Skopio XV-1 out to attack them, firing a Thornax at Ackar. Kiina raced toward the Skopio and managed to climb onto it. Meanwhile, Ackar and Gresh used the Exsidian to jam its treads. Kiina then reached the piloting area and captured Telluris, though he later escaped of his own accord. Upon reviewing the machine's history, the Glatorian sabotaged the Skopio XV-1 so it could not be used again.[3]

Telluris returned to his vehicle, only to discover the damage. Though he did not have the parts to fix it, his fellow Iron tribesman Sahmad offered to take him up north to acquire what he needed.[4] However, Telluris was killed during the journey.[5]


The folded Skopio XV-1

The Skopio XV-1 is faster and more dangerous than a Skopio. It featured the ability to travel using its four mechanical legs. It could also fold these legs up, activating the treads and allowing for greater speed. It also possessed a Thornax Launcher and two force blasters for offensive power, allowing for effective long and close-range attacks.[2] Telluris improved the vehicle over the years, taking parts from other vehicles. According to him, if someone uses a Thornax Launcher to shoot at the console of the vehicle, it could cause a large explosion that can kill a group of several people in its area.[3]

Set Information

Skopio XV-1 Set
Skopio XV-1

8996 Skopio XV-1 was released as a large boxed set in mid-2009, containing Telluris as its rider. The set contains 849 pieces, 811 of which are used in the construction of the vehicle itself.


"I always thought the Skopio was a gaudy waste of time and materials. No matter how big your weapon, someone else can always build a bigger one. You don't conquer your enemies with something they can see coming ten miles away. You do it by working your way inside like the larva of a spiked worm, making yourself a part of their society, and then blotting them out from the inside. The Skopio was Telluris' crutch, his way of throwing an armed and armored tantrum at the world."
Sahmad's thoughts, Sahmad's Tale


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