BIONICLE: The Secret of Certavus

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"I've been trying to outfight the Vorox... and even Tarix back in the village. But maybe the answer isn't to be stronger than my opponent. Maybe I just need to be smarter... a lot smarter."
Glatorian Gresh

The Secret of Certavus
The Secret of Certavus.jpg
Author Greg Farshtey
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN 0-545-09336-8

The Secret of Certavus is a thirty-two page young reader BIONICLE book released in February 2009. Every page of the book features full-color illustrations by Jeremy Brazeal. It follows Gresh and Berix as they journey through the deserts of Bara Magna to find the Book of Certavus, a book known to contain useful fighting secrets.


During a practice fight with Tarix, Gresh attempts a spinning counter and Thornax Launcher move, only to have it blocked by Tarix. Tarix tells Gresh that he relies on the same moves too much, and needs to come up with something better.

Overhearing the conversation, Berix shows Gresh a fragment of a book he found in the desert, with the name "Certavus" on it. Recognizing it as part of the Book of Certavus, Gresh strikes a deal with the Agori, agreeing to protect him while he searches for other useful fragments in exchange for being shown the location of the piece of parchment he found.

An unused training center in the Wastelands.

The two journey into the Wastelands, searching for the book. Along the way, the duo encounters a pack of Vorox, which Gresh manages to stave off temporarily. Knowing the only way to defeat the Vorox is with a new move, Gresh and Berix head to the ruins of an old arena, which is littered with old practice dummies and rusting pieces of metal. As they are looking around, a Vorox tunnels its way in, attacking Gresh. Berix leaps from the rafters of the arena, inadvertently scaring the Vorox off with one of the practice dummies. Seeing the Vorox's reaction, Gresh formulates a plan, setting up several dummies on the roof of the structure.

At sunrise, the Vorox attempt to break through the fortifications and invade the arena. Berix and Gresh, however, make the dummies move and shake, and create threatening sound effects. Confused and frightened, the Vorox eventually retreat. As they are leaving the arena, Berix stumbles upon the Book of Certavus, and offers it to Gresh. Gresh refuses the book, having realized what Certavus would say all along; to fight with brains, and not brawn.



  • In the book, Thornax is spelled Thormax.

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