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"You know, Bara Magna doesn't see a lot of your type, people who do things just because it's the right thing to do."
Glatorian Gresh, My LEGO Network BIONICLE Campaign

Hero Agori
Tribe Fire
Occupation Messenger
Tools Vulcanus Torch
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Ah-gore-ee

The Hero Agori is an Agori of the Fire Tribe residing on Spherus Magna.


Before the Shattering, the Agori lived on Spherus Magna with other members of the Fire Tribe, which was governed by the Element Lord of Fire. At the time of the Shattering, he[1] was in the Great Barren region, which subsequently formed a separate planet called Bara Magna.

The Agori was recruited by the leader of his tribe, Raanu, to help the village of Vulcanus find defense against Bone Hunter raids. He set out to find Malum, in hopes of convincing the ex-Glatorian to fight for the Fire Tribe once more. Though refusing to directly assist in the fighting, Malum provided the Agori with materials necessary to gain the Vorox as allies.

Acting on advice from Malum, the Agori sought out a Zesk, and fed it a stew of Thornax. The Zesk spewed a liquid onto him, marking him as an ally of the Sand Tribe. He then searched for a Vorox, discovering one in a desert cave. The Vorox recognized the musk on him, and gave him a Stinger Oath, marking a peace treaty. He returned to Vulcanus and gave Raanu the Stinger Oath, causing the Fire Tribe leader to present him with an Honor Badge. Raanu suggested that he seek out Glatorian of other tribes, and the Agori traveled to Tesara in order to find the necessary help.

Upon arriving in Tesara, the Agori met with Tarduk, who agreed to introduce him to Gresh on the condition that he find him an Ancient Scroll. The Agori found and delivered the scroll, and Tarduk granted the him an audience with Gresh. The Jungle Tribe Glatorian informed him that in order to help the Fire Tribe, he must get several Glatorian to sign a contract to protect Vulcanus from being raided. Gresh drafted a contract and gave it to him, who obtained Gresh's seal and continued on to Tajun.

Along the way, he met Berix, who had been accused of stealing an Ancient Spear, placing his tribe under suspicion. Tarix, the primary Glatorian of the village, implored the Agori to collect spear fragments from the desert so Berix could make a spear out of them and allay the suspicions. The Agori collected the necessary materials, and constructed a new spear, securing the reputation of Tajun. Tarix presented him with his seal, and the Agori traveled to Iconox.

Arriving in the village, the Agori was accused by Metus, who had been tracking the Agori's progress, of attempting to put him out of business. He explained the dilemma, and Metus agreed to help the Agori in exchange to the location of a desert spring. He located the spring, and reported the location to Metus. Metus granted the Agori Iconox's favor, which the Agori presented to Strakk. The Ice Glatorian was impressed by the Agori's ability to acquire the favor, and gave his seal.

In order to obtain the last necessary seal, the Agori traveled to Roxtus, and was confronted by Atakus. The Rock Tribe guard taunted him, and eventually revealed that a Skrall could be hired for a large fee. He paid the price, and acquired a final seal for the contract. The Skrall also provided him with information concerning an impending Bone Hunter attack, and supplied the Agori with a battle plan.

With the seals of four Glatorian, he returned to Vulcanus and gave the contract to Raanu, who rewarded him with the highest Honor Badge, recognizing the Agori's trustworthiness. He also asked him to place traps for the Bone Hunters around the villages. The Agori did so, and collected the blades of the trapped Bone Hunters.

He later went to Atero to view the Great Tournament. During the competition, the Skrall attacked the Arena Magna, and began killing the inhabitants. He was able to escape the arena unscathed.

Gresh later again encountered him traveling the way back to Vulcanus. He repeated the information the Skrall had given, and continued on.

He was part of the group that traveled with Mata Nui to seize Roxtus. He moved to the Mega-Village with the other Agori, then evacuated it when the robot in which it was built was needed by Mata Nui.

Abilities and Traits

More so than other Agori, the Hero Agori enjoyed solitude and displayed nomadic tendencies. The Agori is also trustworthy and committed to helping those the Agori has promised to assist, even to the point of risking his own life by interacting with members of the Sand and Rock Tribes.


"News, I met up with an Agori on the way here. He said the Skrall tipped him to the Bone Hunter's plan of attack."
"What was an Agori doing talking to Skrall?"
"It was right before the Skrall raid on Atero, he was recruiting Glatorian for Raanu.
— Gresh and Ackar about the Hero Agori, Raid on Vulcanus


  • When the My LEGO Network BIONICLE Campaign was first launched, the tribe of the Hero Agori was not identified. A poll was later held on BZPower to decide the tribal affiliation of the Agori, and Fire received the highest number of votes, becoming official canon.


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