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"But you are looking at an empty shell, the remains of what might have been a great ruler, the guardian of his people."
Mata Nui, The Legend Reborn

Prototype Robot
Comic Prototype Robot Fighting.png
Manufacturer Great Beings, Agori[1]
Function Experiment
Powered by Power Source
Powers Lasers, gravity
Tools None
Status Destroyed
Location Spherus Magna

The Prototype Robot was an experimental mechanoid created by the Great Beings.


The robot parts after it exploded

The prototype was conceived as an experiment to see if the Great Beings could successfully build an operational large-scale robot. Under the Great Beings' direction, the robot was constructed on Spherus Magna over 150,000 years ago by construction robots alongside some Agori.[1] The robot began to function after it was activated, but after a short amount of time the instability of its power source caused it to violently detonate, scattering pieces of it across the Great Barren. The Great Beings did not attempt to repair the prototype, or to recover the pieces. Though the experiment was a failure, the Great Beings used the basic lessons they gained from building the robot in the creation of the Great Spirit Robot.

After the Shattering, all of the pieces of the prototype wound up on the fragment that became known as Bara Magna, which included Roxtus, Tesara, Vulcanus, Knee Island, and Elbow Peak. While choosing locations for their villages, most of the various Agori tribes decided to use the partially-buried pieces of the destroyed robot as shields to protect their homes from the harsh environment of the planet, such as wind and sandstorms.

After Mata Nui convinced the Fire, Ice, Water, and Jungle tribes to unite, they decided to physically assemble their villages into one giant city. During construction, they also dragged the pieces of the prototype together so they would continue to protect the city from the elements. Watching from above, Mata Nui and Berix realized that the various pieces formed the shape of a giant robot, and the Agori placed the pieces together in their correct order.

The reassembled robot powering up

When Mata Nui brought back a power source from the Valley of the Maze, he used it to re-energize the prototype robot, which rose from the sands. He then entered the robot, and from within it removed the Kanohi Ignika from his body, allowing his spirit to leave the mask and enter the robot. Mata Nui then attempted to meld the fragments of Spherus Magna, but was interrupted by Teridax. The two robots began fighting, and Mata Nui managed to land several blasts of energy on his opponent. However, the prototype robot, smaller and older than the Matoran Universe, fatigued quickly.

Despite being weaker than the Matoran Universe robot, Mata Nui kept on fighting. Teridax attempted to destroy the entire planet by using gravity energy, but Mata Nui deflected the blow, which struck Bara Magna’s two moons, and began completing the process he had started. With a fragment of Aqua Magna passing by them, Mata Nui shoved Teridax in its path, which struck the back of his head and killed him.

After briefly reflecting upon Teridax’s death, Mata Nui summoned the last of the robot’s energy, combining it with the power of the Ignika to bring new life to the Bara Magna desert. The robot then collapsed and disintegrated, and Mata Nui’s spirit was drawn back into the Ignika.

The Prototype Robot's components are being employed in shelters and other facilities on Spherus Magna.[OGQ: Dec 13 2010, 04:34 PM][2]

Abilities and Traits

The prototype was fully mechanical and incorporated none of the nanotechnology used in the Great Spirit Robot. It had an unstable power source, which was the cause of its destruction. Also unlike the Great Spirit Robot, there was no spirit guiding it, making it non-sentient. The prototype had a number of offensive and defensive arrays, and was capable of lasers and gravitational beams. It was approximately 27,000,000 feet tall, two-thirds the height of the Great Spirit Robot.


The inner console of the Prototype Robot
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