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"Designed for speed more than power, the Kaxium has still managed to win more than its share of matches in the arena."
— Narrator, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna


The Kaxium V3
Manufacturer Water Tribe
Users Scodonius
Function Transport
Arena combat
Status In use
Pronunciation KACKS-ee-um
Set number 8993

The Kaxium is a type of dual vehicle used on Spherus Magna.


Kaxium V2

Prior to the Core War, the Kaxium V2 was a courier vehicle used by the Water Tribe.[1]

Kaxium V3

The Kaxium V3

During the Core War, the Water Tribe added weaponry and light armor to a Kaxium V2 courier vehicle to create a scouting vehicle. It survived the war and ended up in the village of Tajun after the Shattering.[1]

Scodonius and Kirbraz, Agori of the Water Tribe, each piloted a part of the Kaxium V3 in arena matches. Kirbraz piloted the larger, primary car, and Scodonius drove the smaller cycle.

The two piloted the Kaxium V3 in a practice match against Crotesius on his Cendox V1. Speeding towards their opponent, the two attempted to surprise Crotesius by separating their bikes right before collision with his vehicle. However, Crotesius successfully knocked over the larger bike with a Thornax fired from his vehicle, sending Kirbraz flying and bringing an end to the match.[2]

The Kaxium V3 was used in the Battle of Roxtus and heavily damaged. Its Agori owners soon repaired it with help from Berix, who was admitted onto the team.[1]


The Kaxium V3 in use

The Kaxium can separate into two functional vehicles. A Thornax Launcher is usually outfitted to the cycle to enhance the offensive and defensive capabilities. The Kaxium V3's Thornax Launcher is mounted on the secondary cycle, which some Agori, such as Scodonius, pilot.[1]

Both of the separated vehicles could be used in different Arena Matches and the full Kaxium cycle could also be piloted in a single match.

Set Information

Kaxium Set
Kaxium V3

The split Kaxium V3

8993 Kaxium V3 was released as a large boxed set in the latter half of 2009 with 251 pieces. In addition to the vehicle it contains the Water Agori Kirbraz and Scodonius. The vehicle contains two life counters with one mounted on both cycles, a Thornax launcher and a Thornax fruit for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. The vehicle itself uses 222 of the set's parts, excluding the Thornax.


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