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"Somewhere, a bone hunter's rock steed cocked its head, wondering at the noise. The beast pawed the ground, every sense alert, eager to charge. For though it could not understand the words the Glatorian had spoken, it knew well the meaning of the tone. It was a cry of battle."
— Narrator, The Legend Reborn

Rock Steed
Powers Venom
Conservation status Common
Known locations Skrall Fortress (formerly)
Bara Magna

Rock Steeds are fierce reptilian creatures that can be found in the deserts of Bara Magna.


The Rock Steed Skirmix

The Rock Steeds, once discovered by the Bone Hunters, were captured and tamed by the nomads for traveling long distances, as well as for attacking their enemies. Bone Hunters often challenge the creatures to one on one combat. If they succeed in defeating one, they gain the Rock Steed's steadfast loyalty.

The Skrall also used the steeds for travel purposes, when they can acquire them. They would often trade Bone Hunters for ownership rights of Rock Steeds.

Agori are occasionally forced to capture and tame Rock Steeds in order to prevent them from damaging the village.[citation needed: MNGtBM?]

Abilities and Traits

Skrall and Tuma mounted on Rock Steeds

Rock Steeds are omnivorous.[1] They have several rows of sharp teeth, venomous stinger tails, and a great deal of endurance, being able to travel great distances with little water.[2] They possess sharp hearing, vision, and an acute sense of smell, which helps them to detect enemies miles away. Rock Steed physiology is self-cooling, provided that the creatures are moving.[3]

Rock Steeds are easily trained after being subdued in battle.[1] The creatures are fiercely loyal to their owners.[4]

Rock Steeds can differ in color; known variations include red and green.[5]

The Skopio are the natural predators of the Rock Steeds.[6]

Known Rock Steeds


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