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"I don't even know what we're doing here. Who cares what's beyond the mountains? We have our own problems at home."
— Kirbold, Riddle of the Great Beings

Tribe Ice
Occupation Miner
Tools Dagger
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

Kirbold is an Agori living on Spherus Magna and a member of the Ice Tribe.


Prior to the Shattering, Kirbold lived on Spherus Magna under the Element Lord of Ice who ruled the Ice Tribe. When the Shattering occurred, Kirbold was in the Great Barren which formed a separate planet. Here, Kirbold lived in Iconox with the rest of the Ice Tribe.

The Crossing

Kirbold was asked by his village to accompany a trade caravan to Vulcanus. He agreed, and met with the other members of the protection detail in order to prepare the caravan. The convoy departed shortly after, and began heading to Vulcanus. During the trip, one of the Glatorian hired to defend the caravan, Strakk, attempted to take the Exsidian they were transporting, offering it to the other members of the convoy as a bribe. The other Glatorian, Gresh, refused to allow Strakk to deceive the villages, and forced the Glatorian ahead of the convoy, in order to keep an eye on him. As they traveled further, Kirbold explained some of the terrain hazards they might encounter. When they reached the foothills of the Black Spike Mountains, Gresh turned to Kirbold, and questioned the Agori as to how he came to be a part of their party. Kirbold explained that he had mined the Exsidian and wanted to see it safely to Vulcanus, and Gresh let the question go.

Upon making camp for the night, Kirbold talked with Tarduk, and asked him what kind of monsters they would encounter on the trip. Tarduk mistook the question, and instead started talking about the potential treasures of ancient ruins that exist in the desert. While traveling the next day, Kirbold noticed an oncoming Dune Snake horde, and informed the convoy. While the others started to escape, Kirbold attempted to assist the Spikit.

Gresh was able to engineer a plan to save them from the situation, and the group escaped unharmed. They later arrived in the Black Spike Mountains, where they encountered a group of Skrall. The Glatorian and Agori were able to escape, but Strakk accidentally triggered an avalanche, which forced them into a constructed tunnel. Kirbold expressed a desire to return while the others were discussing symbols on the wall. The group eventually made it out of the tunnel, and were confronted by Malum, who kidnapped the two Agori. He offered to return them to the Glatorian in exchange for a sword of his that had been stolen by the Skrall.

Kirbold and Tarduk were snuck out of the Vorox encampment by Strakk and Gresh, and began trying to escape. Fleeing from Malum and his Vorox, Kirbold and the others plunged down the Dark Falls. They all managed to emerge from the water, then were joined by Ackar and Kiina, and began discussing the transport of the Exsidian then resting at the bottom of the Skrall River. Ackar was able to execute a plan to trick the Skrall into acquiring them a caravan, and as they ran from the Skrall, they encountered Malum and his Vorox again.

However, Ackar saved the convoy and their lives by tricking the Skrall into fighting the Vorox, while the caravan fled. Later, during the trip, Kirbold thought about convincing the Iconox elders to pay Ackar and Kiina as well as Gresh and Strakk. He also made Tarduk realize the northern route to Vulcanus was too dangerous. Later, when Telluris attacked the caravan, Kirbold, Tarduk and Gresh fled with the caravan. Telluris was eventually defeated and the convoy made it to Vulcanus.

Expedition to the North

Later, Kirbold was one of the Agori assigned to prepare Arena Magna for the upcoming annual Great Tournament. Kirbold did not enjoy the assignment, and attempted to finish it as fast as possible so he could return to Iconox. However, when Tarduk discovered a piece of metal depicting a map with a mysterious Red Star in the northern region of Bara Magna, he convinced Kirbold to join a search party in order to go look for the location.[1]

After the group acquired three Sand Stalkers as mounts, they set out on their journey. After some time, the Agori discovered they were being followed by a pack of Iron Wolves. Though they tried a number of diversionary tactics, including sending one Sand Stalker in the opposite direction, the group failed to evade the creatures, and were eventually forced into a nest of them.[1] The wolves were calmed by a strange figure, whom Kirbold recognized as Surel, a warrior thought to be deceased after the war that took place on Spherus Magna. Surel warned them that the Element Lords, leaders of the war, had escaped their prison, and reached Bara Magna. Their conversation was interrupted by Element Lord of Ice, who was soon drawn into a conflict with the Element Lord of Fire.[2] The Agori and Surel retreated under the the cover of the battle. When they were able to continue speaking, Surel implored them to turn back, but eventually abandoned his cryptic warnings after discovering the cause of their quest. The ancient warrior informed them of the dangers that they would encounter, and let them continue.[3]

As they traveled on, Kirbold began having second thoughts about the trip, and requested that they turn back. Tarduk and Crotesius eventually managed to convince him to continue on the expedition. Upon reaching the Forest of Blades, Kirbold refused to travel any further. Tarduk relented, and the two Agori shook hands, parting. Kirbold took one of the Sand Stalkers, and began the trip back to Iconox.[4]

After Tarduk and Crotesius were captured by the Element Lord of Jungle, Kirbold returned with a torch, and used it to set the Forest of Blades on fire and free the other Agori. He then fled the forest with them as the Element Lord remained distracted by the inferno.[5]

The three Agori made it to the River Dormus, which they were forced to cross. Crotesius mentioned that the object they sought might not be at the destination, and Kirbold began goading the Fire Agori, claiming he was afraid to cross the river. When Crotesius went up to the river to prove his lack of fear, he was grabbed by a hand made of water, and taken into the river. Kirbold and Tarduk started wading into the water to help him, but were grabbed by another hand, and dragged under themselves. The Element Lord of Water, who was controlling the hands, revealed himself to the party. He threatened to torture the Agori if they did not give him the route they were traveling, but the Agori refused to back down, and forced a deal out of the Lord of Water. As they were about to discuss the terms of agreement, the Element Lord of Ice arrived and began freezing the waters near them, and the Lord of Water fled.[6]

As Kirbold and his companions swam for the surface, the oncoming Ice was shattered by a large rock, and the Agori were thrown onto the muddy banks of the river. The Element Lord of Rock materialized before them in the form of a duplicate Tarduk, and interrogated them as to their intentions in the Valley of the Maze. When the Agori replied they sought only answers, the Element Lord allowed them to continue, but warned them not to interfere with his quest to obtain the power of the Great Beings.[7]

Later, as the Agori were continuing northward along the River Dormus, they witnessed a group of baterra shapeshifting.[8] As they were not carrying weapons with them at the time, the baterra ignored them.[citation needed] They finally arrived at the headwaters of the river, where the Spirit's Wish archway was located. After discussing the legendary properties of the structure, they passed through and were transported to the ruins of the Arena Magna. There, they observed the destruction caused by the Skrall's attack on Atero,[7] and Kirbold resolved to return to Iconox, in order to see to his village's safety.[9]

Kirbold was also present during the Battle of Roxtus, and later joined the other Agori in the Mega-Village. He then left it when ordered to by Raanu.

Abilities and Traits

Kirbold mines Exsidian, and knows the techniques for extracting and purifying it. He is very protective of what he mines, to the point that he will accompany shipments of the ore to other villages.


Kirbold carries a backpack and dagger.


  • Kirbold's appearance was designed by BZPower Forum Leader InnerRayg. It was entered into the Unofficial German BIONICLE Magazine's The Third Man contest, won, and was accepted into the official canon.
  • InnerRayg depicted Kirbold spattered with mud because of an early, incorrect translation of "The Crossing" from Polish into English. The translation suggested that Kirbold covered himself in mud to protect his armor, when in fact he was talking about mining exsidian and using it to patch equipment.


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