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"Berix was running to join Gresh when he noticed something poking out of the rubble. He pulled it out. It was an old, worn copy of a book. On the cover was the name Certavus."
— Narrator, The Secret of Certvaus

Book of Certavus
Manufacturer Certavus
Users Berix
Function Teach battle techniques
Status In use
Location Bara Magna
Pronunciation sir-TAHV-us[1]

The Book of Certavus was a book written by the famed Glatorian Certavus and sought by many Glatorian.


Certavus used the book to record all of his fighting techniques and ideas. He eventually left this book in a training area, which later fell out of use.

After arriving in Bara Magna, Tuma sent a contingent of Skrall to find the book, but they failed and were fed to Spikit.

The Agori Berix discovered a scrap of parchment from the book with Certavus' name on it. He later showed the piece of paper to Gresh, who was in need of a new fighting style, and the two went on a journey to find the book. They eventually came across the abandoned arena, where Berix discovered the book after fending off several Vorox through clever tricks and misdirection. He offered it to Gresh, but Gresh refused, as he had already realized what the book would tell him.


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