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"He said the box contained the energy needed to power the giant robot unknowingly created by the Agori... a robot now serving as their main source of shelter."
— Narrator, All That Glitters

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Status Destroyed
Position Spherus Magna

The Mega-Village was the home to the Fire, Water, Jungle, and Ice Tribes on Bara Magna following the war against the Skrall.


After arriving in Tesara, Prime Glatorian Ackar of the Fire Tribe interrupted an arena match between Tarix and Vastus. After announcing the alliance between the Bone Hunters and the Rock Tribe, he declared that the four remaining villages should unite as well, rather than continuing the Arena system. Eventually, Raanu and the other village leaders agreed, and the Agori began helping the Jungle Agori pull the two main structures of the village Tesara together.

After the Battle of Roxtus, the main structures of the other villages, including Roxtus, were pulled across the planet to Tesara. The Agori connected the structures, completing the Mega-Village, inadvertently recreating an old robot created by the Great Beings.[B:TLR] The original village leaders formed a council over the Mega-Village, and selected Raanu as the head of the council. Ackar, meanwhile, was named leader of the Mega-Village's defense forces by Mata Nui.

Shortly after the Mega-Village was complete, Sahmad, a surviving Agori from the Iron Tribe, attempted an attack on the Mega-Village with his Baranus V7. However, Ackar, Gresh, and Kiina found him in the outskirts of the Mega-Village and used their elemental powers to drive off Sahmad before he could enter.[GC5]

Mata Nui returned from the Valley of the Maze with the Power Source and tried to convince Raanu that the Mega-Village needed to be abandoned to save Bara Magna from a disastrous fate. After much deliberation, Raanu relented, and the population evacuated the settlement. From the sandy surface, the Glatorian and Agori watched in awe as Mata Nui activated the robot.[1]

Former Landscape

The Mega-Village was located near the former site of Tesara. It was made of the main village structures of Vulcanus, Tajun, Tesara, and Roxtus, and the structural elements of Elbow Peak, Skull Mountain and Knee Island.

Former Inhabitants

The Agori of the Fire, Water, Jungle, and Ice tribes all lived in the Mega-Village. There, they were led by the Council of Elders of the original village leaders, headed by Raanu.[citation needed: MNGtBM?]

The Glatorian of the Mega-Village tribes served as the defense force for the Mega-Village, as there were no more Arena Matches. Ackar was appointed leader of this defense force, with his deputy being Kiina.[2]


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